She-Hulk Recap: Episode 7 | Jen goes on a retreat

Emil Blonsky returns in all the new episode, "The Retreat"


With just two more episodes to go, Jen finally faces her insecurities. In episode seven, “The Retreat”, Jen (Tatiana Maslany) finds herself smitten with her new beau, Josh (Trevor Salter), who she met at Lulu’s wedding. Things are going great until Josh ghosts Jen. She can’t help but be obsessed over why Josh decided to ghost her after having sex.

But she can’t wallow for too long because she gets a call from Emil Blonsky’s (Tim Roth) parole officer, Chuck. Apparently, his inhibitor has malfunctioned and Chuck is worried Blonsky has turned into the Abomination. So naturally, he wants Jen to come just in case she needs to Hulk out.

As it turns out, Blonsky’s inhibitor just hit an electric fence. Jen is about to leave when all of a sudden Man-Bull (an experiment gone wrong) and El Águila (for the record, not a matador) ruin Jen’s car. Blonsky invites Jen to stay and tag along with his gang (not a real gang though) of super-adjacent guys who want to get in touch with their feelings. He invites Jen to join their therapy session but Jen is only focused on getting service and seeing if Josh texted her back.

Jen finally finds wifi but it’s the exact location of Blonsky’s therapy session. She doesn’t join in until she sees That Guy (Nick Gomez). You know, one of the guys who tried to jump Jen weeks ago? He is at Blonsky’s ranch trying to fix himself and take accountability.

Soon, Jen is in the hot seat or should I say the “calming chair.” With this rag-tag group of superhero-like dudes, Jen finally opens up. She worries that people only like her because she can turn into She-Hulk saying, “Like, you think life would be so much easier if I were that person, and I can turn into that person anytime I want to. And everyone pays attention when I’m this. Like my colleagues, my boss, guys. But it feels like cheating because would they like me if I didn’t have all of this? If I were just Jen, would the same guys who like She-Hulk stick around for Jen? Because some of them don’t. And that sucks for Jen because Jen is great.”


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But the group does convince her that Jen is enough and it’s very liberating for her. They even convince her to delete Josh’s number! Blonsky tells Jen she can come back anytime and sends her on her way. She finally has a new perspective on life and has found her “self” again.

It’s not all good news though. We get a flashback to the night Josh stayed over at Jen’s place. There’s a good reason he ghosted her: Josh is HulkKing aka the guy who is trying to get Jen’s blood. He copies what is on her phone and takes a creepy picture of her half-naked and asleep. It’s a real violation of her privacy and unfortunately for Jen, she has no idea who Josh really is. Hopefully, this doesn’t ruin Jen’s progress but it’s not looking good for her.

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