6 season finales you NEED to watch this month


It’s that time of year where everything is heating up. Our favourite television shows are reaching the end of their current season which means cliffhangers and a hiatus. And the conclusion of “oh my god” storylines. So which shows should you definitely tune into? I’ve got you covered.


1. ‘THE FLASH’ (May 23rd)

6 season finales you NEED to watch this month 1
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Honestly, how can you not be watching ‘The Flash‘ right now? With the Savitar’s identity finally revealed and the looming death of Iris West hanging in the balance, the finale will be a MUST WATCH for any DC fan. Holy crap, I’m excited. Also, Killer Frost. Man, I love her. She’s badass. More, please.


2. ‘SUPERGIRL’ (May 22nd)

6 season finales you NEED to watch this month 2
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I’m going to be honest. ‘Supergirl‘ has been my guilty pleasure ever since it started. And now, with Cat Grant and Superman returning for the season two finale, I am beyond pumped. We all need Cat Grant back on our screens and who’s going to say no to Tyler Hoechlin? No one. So keen! Rhea can also leave Lena Luthor alone tbh.


3. ‘RIVERDALE’ (May 11th)

6 season finales you NEED to watch this month 3
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Who killed Jason Blossom? We’re finally getting an answer on tomorrow’s penultimate episode. And I can 100% guarantee that the ‘Riverdale’ finale will be all kinds of crazy. Hold your breath because you won’t see it coming. Start making that popcorn.


4. ‘SUPERNATURAL’ (May 18th)

6 season finales you NEED to watch this month 4
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Twelve seasons in and I’m still excited for the new episodes. Damn, that’s some good storytelling right there. Especially for the two-hour finale. The British Men of Letters facing off against the Winchesters and then trying to stop Lucifer’s love child from being born? What even? It’s going to get crazy good and we’re going to need everybody on this. Yes, even Mary. Come at me.


5. ‘CRIMINAL MINDS’ (May 10th)

6 season finales you NEED to watch this month 5
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Any story with Reid has my attention immediately. And this season, Reid’s being framed and is in prison. There’s a mastermind behind everything and it’s someone from his past. The reveal happened in episode 21 and OH MY GOD. Now Reid’s mother’s been kidnapped. I’m scared.


6. ‘PRISON BREAK’ (May 23rd)

6 season finales you NEED to watch this month 6
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I know it’s only a limited series event but this might be the potential series finale. Unless they decide to renew the show again. How will it all end? Will both brothers survive this time?

Just in case you needed more…?
  • Scandal (May 18th)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (May 18th)
  • The 100 (May 24th)

The thing about TV shows is that there are too many to keep up with. But that’s the fun part. Immersing yourself with shows and characters every day. And hey, hiatus is coming up which means more time for new shows. What will you be watching this month?

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