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Ever since I saw the trailer for the new ‘Power Rangers’ movie, I was floored. It looked amazing, the special effects look amazing and the new outfits looked epic too. But what did I think about the actual movie? Thanks to Roadshow Films, I had a pretty incredible experience.

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As I walked upstairs to the foyer of the cinema, there were so many things happening including a professional photographer who took pictures of you in front of the ‘Power Rangers’ movie cutout. Next up was another photo where your face is put inside the ‘lightning’ symbol as a way to promote the film (below). I felt like I was on the red carpet and I could get used to this life, let’s be real.

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I look pretty good, right?

So after our free popcorn and drinks (I know, right?) the movie started and to be honest I kinda loved it. I do remember a little from the original ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ series but I definitely had a lot of fun watching this new remake. I went into the movie with an open mind and just sat back and enjoyed the show. Even my dad enjoyed it and he was the biggest fan as a kid.

Straight off the bat I was laughing. The opening scene with Jason getting into trouble was hilarious, the entire cinema was cracking up and that’s always a good sign. I swear the guy who plays Jason looks a little like Zac Efron, right? I’m not completely crazy?

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Anyway, I really enjoyed the fact that Billie happened to be autistic in the film. It was a daring move that needed to happen in today’s age. Kudos writers. I also want to point out that Trini (the Yellow Ranger) also happens to be a lesbian which I believe was long overdue. Finally we have the first LGBTQ superhero in a film. About bloody time, damn. I’m just really happy there’s representation for autistic kids and LGBTQ kids. Hallelujah.

The story was pretty decent and flowed at a nice pace. I loved the introduction of each character and the forming of the Rangers. It was good to see them all begin to trust each other throughout the film. However, it did take a while for the gang to morph into Power Rangers. I was anxiously waiting for it to happen for two thirds of the film. But when it finally happened, DAMN it was cool.

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I also LOVED the fact that the Zeo Crystal was located underneath a Krispy Kreme restaurant, honestly god bless. That’s the type of shit I love to see. The actual battle was really cool to watch too. That scene where the Power Rangers ride on their Zords to go fight Rita Repulsa and they play the ‘Go Go Power Rangers’ theme, I died. Goosebumps.

But you know the battle ain’t over until all the Zords combine to become the Megazord for one final attack. The special effects for it were so cool and I loved it. There were even fantastic one liners thrown in there too. You need to have the cheesiness in a Power Rangers movie, you just have to. There was even a little sneaky post-credits scene which would make any fan excited for a potential sequel.

Afterwards, Roadshow were kind enough to let everybody take home Power Rangers POP keychains. Just another thing to add to my collection.

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They’re so cute!

Overall, I had a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed the movie. No, it wasn’t exactly the same as the original but it did a pretty damn good job. The soundtrack was amazing, the characters were awesome and the fight scenes were cool. Hoping there’s a second movie?

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