Review: My thoughts on the #DCWeek crossover


There are literally no words to describe this entire week. I was mind-blown. Seeing all my favourite superheroes in one episode was epic. Thank you CW for allowing this amazing story to unfold before my very eyes. I am looking forward to next year’s crossover. Y’all better renew all my shows too. Don’t mess with me.

The Invasion! mega crossover began at the end of ‘Supergirl’, continued on ‘The Flash’, then ‘Arrow’ and finally concluded on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. I geeked out. Here’s my episode-by-episode review.

REVIEW: My thoughts on the #DCWeek crossover 1
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‘SUPERGIRL’ (2×08)

REVIEW: My thoughts on the #DCWeek crossover 2
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Alright, apparently some people don’t read because a lot of them didn’t realise the crossover actually begins at the END of ‘Supergirl’. I saw so many comments saying “this isn’t a crossover”. Please educate yourself for next time. That aside, this episode was amazing despite it being a normal episode. #Sanvers is happening and I am so here for this. Barry and Kara’s interaction at the end was perfect. They’re chemistry is too cute. Welcome to Earth-1 Supergirl.


‘THE FLASH’ (3×08)

REVIEW: My thoughts on the #DCWeek crossover 3
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Now this episode was everything I wanted. The introduction of Supergirl to the team and some good fight scenes. We also got an introduction into the Dominators (the main villains for this crossover). Ahh it was fantastic. Seeing Oliver, Barry, Kara and the Legends interact was so awesome. Having most of the heroes mind-controlled to fight Flash and Arrow was just pure epic. That entire fight scene was everything. My absolute favourite.


‘ARROW’ (5×08)

REVIEW: My thoughts on the #DCWeek crossover 4
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I loved the ‘Arrow’ instalment for a completely different reason. The show was celebrating it’s 100th episode, a huge milestone. While the episode proved to be fantastic, in terms of crossover it fell a little short. The whole dream reality for the Arrow gang made sense. It was a great chance to bring back all our beloved characters (R.I.P LAUREL LANCE). There was only little Flash and Supergirl which is probably why it wasn’t my favourite. Also, shout out to the fight scene. Loved it so much. The ending with the spaceship was totally wicked and really cool to watch.



REVIEW: My thoughts on the #DCWeek crossover 5
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Not as good as The Flash episode but definitely a great conclusion to the Dominators storyline. The big fight scene was done really well. I’ve got to commend the special effects to bring the Dominators to life. So weirdly scary and so happy it worked. I loved all the interactions with the entire cast across all the shows. Little side note: Oliver benching Kara was NOT cool. You need Supergirl, please.

Overall, an exciting crossover that I am glad I was apart of. Yes, a few hit and misses but enjoyable to watch. I will definitely be there for the next one.

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