Pretty Little Liars season 7 promises to be better than the last one


The seventh season of Freeform’s biggest television series, Pretty Little Liars, premiered last night. It was hard not to be a little leery, especially if you caught any of the season 6 marathon they played all day leading up to the new episode. Season 6 just, well… it wasn’t great. Thankfully, the season 7 premiere was much better.



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Without giving too much away, season 6 ended with Hannah’s disappearance, leading the group to believe she’d been kidnapped by their tormentor. Now, the threatening text messages start up again (except this season the girls view them on their fancy Apple Watches), and the new “A” who goes by “A.D.” wants to know who Charlotte’s killer is. The group of Spencer, Aria, Emily, Caleb, and Toby have 24 hours to figure it out if they want to get Hannah back.


Oh hey boo.

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There was also a MASSIVE flashback that’s prompted the hashtag #Emison, but we’re not spoiling it – you’ll have to see that one for yourself.


The nail biter of an episode ended with a massive PPL-style cliffhanger, and it’s safe to say we’ll be returning to our couches to tune in next Tuesday. And every Tuesday this summer.

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