Review: Nerve is an intense and engaging thriller that deserves your attention


At what point would you lose your nerve? Riding a bike 70mph blindfolded? Walking across a ladder God knows how many feet up in the air? Kissing a stranger in public? I can’t say that my childhood games of truth or dare came anywhere close, but that just adds to the magic of this film. From the directors of Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 comes Nerve, a teen thriller ready to tap into a lucrative audience.

So what is ‘Nerve’? Gamers can decide whether to be a watcher or a player. Simply put, watchers pay to watch their favourite players and the money is then pooled together to entice players to complete more insane dares for higher cash incentives. Once a player signs up for the game, their whole social persona is analysed with a scarily accurate automated code. The watchers’ vote amongst themselves to decide what the next dare should be and pit friends and partners against each other to guarantee viewing pleasure and drama.

Social media and technology runs deep through the movie, with current online privacy issues a concern it’s definitely a case of right place, right time with the release. If you’re after a straightforward teen movie, this isn’t for you. There’s a love triangle, friendships that are tested and sleeping with other people’s crushes. Although the main characters aren’t played by A-list actors, that doesn’t deter from the gripping storyline and weirdly, the whole thing just falls into place perfectly.

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It’s also worth mentioning the camera angles used in the film, large sections were shot using handheld cameras by the actors whilst they completed the dares. This totally immerses you into Ian and Vee’s world, creating that link to the characters that so many modern teen thrillers lack.

Nerve is an intense and engaging thriller that deserves your attention, even if it is just to shout WTF at the screen when they’re completing some outrageous dares.

Nerve is available to buy now in the UK and the US.

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