You need to see ‘A Monster Calls’ narrated by Liam Neeson


‘A Monster Calls’ narrated by Liam Neeson. Well, chapter one anyway. Better than nothing, though? This is absolute gold! I could listen to his Irish accent all day. I think he could probably read a grocery shopping list and make it sound exciting. Let’s be honest, if he decided to have a break from acting, he would make an absolute killing just by doing voice overs. Ahead of the film’s limited release this Friday (and the long awaited UK release on 1st January), a ten-minute clip has been released of Liam Neeson reading chapter one of the book. Stop everything you’re doing and let his amazing voice bless your earholes.

This dramatic narration has got me even more excited to see the film in 2017.  Not only does it include Neeson’s amazing narration, the clip also includes footage from the film adaptation of the beloved book (written by Patrick Ness). Neeson plays the title character via motion-capture performance, animation and voiceover. He’s got one of those instantly recognisable voices, hasn’t he? Not only that but as soon as he starts to talk – you are instantly captivated and drawn into every word he says.

monster calls narrated by liam neeson
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In case you’ve not read the book or seen any trailers – the story follows a young boy who struggles to cope with his mother’s terminal illness. He finds a way of coping with this terrible news by taking solace with a monster that takes the form of a tree. The monster, played by Neeson tells tales that give the young boy meaning to his feelings of grief, anger and loss. These helping him understand the range of emotions that he is going through at the time.

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