Louis Tomlinson confirmed to be on X Factor judging panel

Louis Tomlinson is all set to charm the British masses on prime time television.


For the past few weeks, rumour mills have been speculating the possibility of Louis Tomlinson being on the X Factor judging panel, and an article by The Sun has confirmed suspicions. Louis has, in fact, signed a contract to be on the judging panel alongside the show boss Simon Cowell as well as Robbie Williams and Ayda Field.

Louis’ signing has been received with equal parts excitement and indignation. Fans are worried that his commitment to the show might cause a delay in the release of his album, accompanying promo and tour plans. In the past month, Louis has kept his fans updated on his progress with music, change of management and his excitement to be back on the road so it is only fair that the news of him being on X Factor might come across as restricting.

In the X Factor’s press conference today, Louis confirmed that music is still his top priority. “People were worried I was going to give up my music,” he said. “My release schedule actually hasn’t changed.”

It’s important to remember that the global reach of X Factor will only help Louis develop new admirers outside of his existing fanbase. It will allow the world to see him as a serious singer-songwriter and not just ‘that guy from the boyband’. Despite shortcomings and controversies, X Factor is one of the most loved shows in the UK, competing against the likes of Love Island.

Louis is already a personal favourite of British households, following his incredibly brave tribute to his mother on X Factor in December 2016. Only recently, Louis was spotted out and about and people who met him had nothing but nice things to say.

Louis’ presence on the X Factor, while seemingly ill-timed, could actually prove to be a great business move.  If his debut album is released during the course of the show, he will be able to reach a whole new audience who might have previously not listened to his music — or bought his concert tickets.

With four of his own business ventures, Louis is evidently heavily involved with both the ins and outs of the music industry. He has his own independent record label (78 Productions Limited), a publishing company (LT Publishing Limited), a joint record label (Triple Strings), and his own touring company (LT Touring LLP).  Clearly, his decision to venture into judging is a move backed with intelligence and experience that will establish a new, strong image in the media after the flurry of negative press he had to endure over the past few years.

Louis has always been vocal about how watching the X Factor stands out as one of his fondest childhood memories. His mother, Johannah, was an ardent follower of the show even before Louis was on it, and one of her last wishes was for Louis to perform his debut solo single, ‘Just Hold On’, at the X Factor. From being a terrified 18-year-old nervously singing ‘Hey There Delilah’ to being a part of the world’s biggest boybands and finding his way back as a mentor to where it all started is an achievement not many can boast.

“It just made a lot of sense,” Louis said in today’s press conference. “I’ve always been very interested in [artist] development. Granting opportunity to other people is something that’s really exciting to me.”

While we eagerly await new music, we are so excited to watch the world fall in love with Louis Tomlinson and his unparalleled generosity and charm. He’s asked us to stick with him, it’ll all be worth it!

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