We’re afraid of the dark after watching this new trailer for ‘Lights Out’


We love being scared from the new Ghost Train at Thorpe Park to watching horror films, the feeling of being scared is exhilarating. And now producer James Wan who was one of the masterminds behind ‘The Conjuring’ franchise, comes this brand new trailer for ‘Lights Out’… it’s truly terrifying!

As a young child Rebecca experienced the presence of the supernatural when she turned the lights out. Now as an adult she thought she had left her childhood fears at home… until her younger brother Martin began to experience the same thing. The unwelcome entity threatened her safety and sanity, and she’s about to come face to face with it again. Are you ready for the plot twist? The spirit has an unexplained connection to their mother, Sophie. Rebecca will have to face her fear once more, but it won’t be easy.

‘Lights Out’ stars Teresa Palmer (‘Triple 9’), Gabriel Bateman (‘Annabelle’), Billy Burke (the ‘Twilight’ franchise), Alexander DiPersia (‘Forever’) and Maria Bello (‘Prisoners’).

‘Lights Out’ will scare you in UK cinemas from August 19… (we’ll be asking the cinema to keep the lights on while we watch). 

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