7 things you need to know about KJ Apa’s new movie I Still Believe

Whether you're a fan of Riverdale, a fan of Jeremy Camp's music, or just love a good movie, here's what you need to know about I Still Believe.


KJ Apa’s latest offering, ‘I Still Believe’, hits movie theatres today. To celebrate, here are 7 things you should know:

1. KJ Is Super Proud And Excited About It

He recently appeared on Good Morning America saying, “I couldn’t even tell you guys how excited I am about this movie, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of… The story itself is so powerful, it’s a story about ultimate love… A beautiful story about love, about hope, about loss…”

He told The Tonight Show, “I think it’s a really powerful message for – everyone.”

2. It’s Based On A True Story

The movie is based on the powerful true story of, Christian musician, Jeremy Camp and his wife Melissa, overcoming tragedy through their faith. KJ is the male lead, playing a 20-year-old Jeremy Camp alongside Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland, The Longest Ride) who portrays Melissa. KJ and Britt have actually already co-starred together in the 2017 movie, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’.

3. KJ Recorded 5 Songs For The Movie’s Soundtrack

He recorded covers of five different Jeremy Camp songs for the movie’s official soundtrack. KJ expressed on GMA, that he was initially hesitant regarding Jeremy’s role because he didn’t feel confident as a singer. Fortunately, he took on the role’s challenge and is super excited with the result.

To prepare for I Still Believe, you can listen to the album on Spotify.

4. Country Star, Shania Twain Portrays Jeremy Camp’s Mother

Shania said, “Their story attracted me… It’s beautiful — all about courage in facing the unknown. It’s the epitome of love and faith. I was absolutely moved by the story, and I think anyone who sees the film will be, too.” (Parade)

5. The Movie’s Fab Red-Carpet Premiere Happened On March 7th

Here’s KJ with the real Jeremy Camp at the premiere:

6. KJ’s Riverdale Co-Stars Have Shown Lots Of Support

Casey Cott and Charles Melton attended the movie’s premiere and took LOTS of red carpet pics.

Cole Sprouse also showed his support on Instagram with this post:


7. The Early Reviews From Critics Are In

Are you a Riverdale fan? Let us know what you think of the movie @unitedbypop

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