Key and Peele just got even funnier with their new trailer for ‘Keanu’


We love comedy duos, in particular Key and Peele. They’re original, weird and genuinely hilarious – everything you need for laughing until your stomach hurts. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the funny faces behind the duo and have had a series of successful projects, most notably their TV show ‘Key and Peele’. And now they’re venturing into the world of film with ‘Keanu’.

Keegan-Michael and Jordan appear in ‘Keanu’ as Clarence and Rell – two cousins living in the city, and they’re not exactly streetwise. (Probably not the best combination.) Rell has a kitten named Keanu, he is besotted with him and is left heartbroken when he gets catnapped.

In order to get Keanu back, the pair have to impersonate ruthless killers in the hope of intimidating a street gang. Will everything go according to plan? Of course not. When Keanu realises the fight for his custody is over, he creates a gang war… and Clarence and Rell must take the law into their own hands.

‘Keanu’ is action packed, hilarious and out in UK cinemas on July 15.

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