These are the best viral videos on the internet


To celebrate the release of ‘Ice Age: Collision Course‘ in cinemas THIS FRIDAY, we’ve put together a list of our favourite viral sibling videos. In the ‘Ice Age’ franchise Crash and Eddie are always causing trouble – which of course, is the best way of sibling bonding, amirite? This opossum pair first appeared in ‘Ice Age:The Meltdown’ and we’ve been obsessed with them ever since.

Fun fact: Crash is voiced by Sean William Scott and Eddie is voiced by Josh Peck. (Which is quite simply why they’re so hilarious!)


1. The zombie apocalypse

Two brothers are trying to convince their sister that there’s a zombie apocalypse – there’s one thing that’s making it slightly easy for them. What you ask? The fact that she’s hopped up on medication after having her wisdom teeth removed at the dentist. 😂

2. Charlie bit me!

This. Is. A. Classic. Two brothers are sat together, (and yes one of them is called Charlie). While sitting, Charlie proceeds to bite his brothers hand… which really hurts and leads to waterworks. Ahhhh, sibling love. 💕

3. Peanut butter baby?!

This is amazing. This is art. This is a peanut butter baby. A mum has found her two kids with a jar of peanut butter and the older sister has smothered her little brother like a PB&J sandwich. We really appreciate her artistic eye, she’s abstract. 👶

4. The zebra

A little girl has taken a permanent marker and drawn ‘stripes’ all over her little sister. Another work of art. (We can’t wait to see if she gets any tattoos as an adult.) 👏

5. Take a nap

This brother is a real hero. He tells his sister that she needs a nap, mid crying. And well, that is advice she’ll thank him for in years to come. 😴

6. Don’t grow up, please?

Sadie is five years old. Sadie is crying because she doesn’t want her brother to grow up and she also doesn’t want to die at 100. Sadie is us. We are one. We feel you Sadie. 😭

These videos broke the internet, and it’s not hard to see why. We love our siblings here at UBP, and we hope you love yours too. Now go and tell your brothers and sisters that you love them – then demand that they take you to go and see ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’. (Make sure they’re paying for the tickets and popcorn!)

‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ is out in UK cinemas on July 15. 

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