You probably missed this Harry Styles scene in Dunkirk

Thought you saw every second of his role as Alex? Think again.


As you good and well know, Harry Styles played the fiery, conflicted character of Alex in Christopher Nolan’s World War II film ‘Dunkirk’ (which has been an absolute global smash at the box office). But what you didn’t know is, you can’t bribe the boats on the way to England.

Why are we always stuck and running from the bombings?

This scene from ‘Dunkirk’ is a true sign of the times.

In this brilliant fan edit (if you’re the creator, please let us know so we can give you the credit you deserve), Harry Styles is breaking through the atmosphere, soaring above the stranded soldiers at Dunkirk beach.

Bet you missed this one when you watched the film in theaters.

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