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It’s been a while since I’ve been to the cinema. The last films I saw were ‘Fantastic Beasts‘ and ‘Why Him?‘ back last year, both of which I really enjoyed. I haven’t got around to going to see ‘La La Land‘ yet, despite my friends telling me how great it is. My favourite film genres are comedy and horror (which are polls apart, I know). So my first trip to the cinema this year was last night, and I went see ‘Split’, the new film starring James McAvoy.

What is it about?

If you’ve not already gathered from the trailer, the film is about a man by the name of Kevin (played by James McAvoy). Kevin is a schizophrenic with multiple personalities who kidnaps three teenage girls. The three girls are imprisoned in his underground ‘lair’ with no way of escaping. During their time there, the three girls try to get clues from his multiple personalities in the hope to escape.

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Was it any good?

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting what I saw. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. James McAvoy really does showcase his amazing acting skills in this film, with his ability to act out these various personalities, and very convincingly I must add. With various outfit changes to portray these characters, McAvoy has the ability to act out these personalities with his different voices and mannerisms.

I don’t know if anyone felt the same as I did but when I watched it, I actually saw him as being these different people, which is not only worrying, but shows how well he plays each part individually. These personalities include Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig (pictured below) and The Beast, which at first, when he was speaking to his psychiatrist Dr Fletcher (played by Betty Buckley) did confuse me.

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If you think that you’re going to be sat watching a film which is 2 hours long staring at just one room that the girls are trapped in then don’t worry, because that’s not what the film is like at all. Without giving too much away, there are instances where the girls get split up from each other. It’s during these scenes that we are introduced to the various other rooms within the ‘complex’ in which he ‘lives’.

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The central underground location will give you hints of what’s to come. I would never have guessed where his ‘lair’ was. In fact, it wasn’t until the reveal did it all make sense. Don’t worry  – I won’t spoil it for you.

Despite the storyline, there were times that McAvoy brought humour into it which may be hard to believe. His ability to bring a weird sense of humour to this troubling character is one you’ll need to witness for ‘yourself etc’ – that will make sense when you go and see the film. Considering that my two favourite film genres are Comedy and Horror, this film was a perfect all rounder for me, I’d definitely recommend it!

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