Say hello to Elena, Disney’s first Latina princesa


Like many others, Disney is making an ongoing effort to increase the amount of diversity shown in its films and TV shows. In their latest efforts to do so, they have introduced the first Disney Latina princess. Her name is Elena and she has her own show airing soon on the Disney Channel.

‘Elena of Avalor’ is focused around a teen princess who reclaims her tropical kingdom from evil. According to The New York Times each episode will feature Latin folklore and Aztec-inspired architecture. The show will include a series of original songs “that reflect musical styles like mariachi, salsa and Chilean hip-hop”.

Talking to The Times, Nancy Kanter the Disney executive in charge of the show said “It’s not a secret that the Hispanic and Latino communities have been waiting and hoping and looking forward to our introduction of a princess that reflected their culture”. While some are questioning the show, we’re praising it. History and change are happening right before our eyes and we couldn’t be happier.

Recently in the U.S. two black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were shot dead, after they were targeted by police for the colour of their skin. It has re-sparked the much needed diversity debate about equality. So, hearing things like the first Disney Latina princess should be celebrated, and not overlooked. Just last week Marvel announced that their new Iron Man, is a black woman named Riri Williams.

We can’t wait to see Elena kick ass in her new kingdom, and inspire a new generation of kids.

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