Supergirl vs Arrow vs Flash: which DC finale was better?


[This article contains spoilers for the finales of ‘Supergirl’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’. Read at your own risk.]

Well, what an amazing week it was. Having ‘Supergirl’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ air their season finales, we were bound for an emotional ride. But which one was the best?

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‘Supergirl’ quickly became one of my favourite DC shows in season 1. It was different. A female superhero front and centre. I was amazed. The second season definitely had its hits and misses however I really enjoyed the finale. The conclusion to Rhea’s invasion was something I was excited about since it began in episode 20.

The Supergirl vs Superman fight was epic. I wished it was a little longer, but that’s just me. The Rhea vs Supergirl fight was also awesome, but I wish they used their powers more. The return of M’Gann made me smile so much and the (temporary?) departure of Mon-El was… interesting? However, the moment of the show goes to Cat Grant who FINALLY revealed she knows Supergirl’s identity. We all knew it, but it was nice to have it confirmed once and for all. A very close second was the Sanvers proposal. GOD BLESS. However, having Maggie in a recurring role next season may cause some issues. Hmm?

Overall, a great finale to a more than average season. 8/10.



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One thing I absolutely love is when storylines lead up to a climatic point in the series. That’s what I was expecting with Barry and Savitar. I expected an epic fight (or race) scene to prove who is the fastest once and for all. All season Savitar taunted us and he actually delivered in killing “Iris” (who later turned out to be HR in disguise). We also had Caitlin becoming Killer Frost permanently. But then it kind of went a little downhill from there.

There was no epic fight scene between Barry and Savitar. It was okay, but not at the level I know this show can do. And what about Killer Frost vs Vibe? A little disappointing. I think for a storyline that had me hooked each episode, it concluded kind of bland. And the cliffhanger wasn’t very good either. JUST LET WESTALLEN BE HAPPY, that is all I ask. Honestly, Iris and Westallen were the best part about this episode.

Overall, a underwhelming finale to what was an awesome season. 5/10.



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Surprisingly, ‘Arrow’ proves why it’s the parent of all DC shows. ‘Arrow’ really knocked it out of the park this season with an impressive storyline that came full circle in the season finale. And it was AMAZING. The urgency of finding Prometheus was high and Oliver’s search for his son blew everyone away (literally!). The epic fight scenes between Nyssa and Talia, Black Siren and Black Canary and of course Oliver/Chase was everything to me.

Not to mention the bomb that surrounded the entire island was linked to Chase if he was to die. Talk about a psychopath. So the good news? Oliver got his son back. The bad? Chase killed himself which set off the bomb on the island. Oh it gets worse. Felicity, Diggle and the entire Arrow team were trapped there. Talk about an explosive cliffhanger. I have a feeling the main cast won’t die but you never know. Anything is possible.

Overall, a fantastic finale for an epic season. 10/10.

What did you think? Which finale was your favourite?

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