11 Cookie Lyon quotes for when you need to remember that you are the queen of your ‘Empire’


‘Empire’ season three is back this week and it looks better than ever. I mean they’ve left us with a major cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see what happens next. A show like this going into a third strong season is not unheard of, but definitely, comes with its challenges. But what makes ‘Empire’ so good and relatable? It’s the music, the guest stars, the stories, the representation and most importantly the characters.

Cookie Lyon has become an icon in her own right and there is no one who could’ve shaped Cookie quite like Taraji P. Henson. In almost every interview I’ve seen with Taraji, she talks about how Cookie has ruined her life and stolen her identity. Of course, she’s joking but Cookie has become one of the most quotable characters in recent television history. To celebrate the return of Cookie Lyon to television I’ve rounded up some of my favourite quotes for you.

Remember that you are the queen 👑 of your ‘Empire’.

1. When people on your team are trying to bring you down with them…

cookie lyon brain fart gif quote empire
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2. When people try and double cross you, but you’re not having it… AT ALL.

cookie lyon empire you messin' with the wrong bitch
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3. If you’re having a bad day just remember that facial expressions speak louder than words.

cookie lyon empire taraji p. henson
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4. And if you need to put someone in their place, you have every right to do so.

cookie lyon empire not 'bout that life
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5. You also know how to take a compliment, and show gratitude all at the same time.

cookie lyon empire oh thank you sista girl
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6. Because you’re the baddest bitch, you get to pick your battles. (Ain’t no one got time for dumb ass games.)

cookie lyon empire aint making a scene
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7. Even when you’re in trouble, your drama and sassiness game is on point. 💯

cookie lyon empire dead bitch walking
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8. You also aren’t afraid to keep it real with people and tell them some home truths…

cookie lyon empire boo boo kitty
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9. And if you don’t like something you definitely aren’t doing it. 

cookie lyon empire find yourself another snitch
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10. You know what you want, and you aren’t afraid to get it. 

cookie lyon empire i'm here to get what's mine
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11. The moral of the story? You are a queen, so slay, slay, slay… everyday! 🔥

cookie lyon empire clapping smiling
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‘Empire’ is back tonight on Fox.

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