Channing Tatum to play a merman in a Disney remake


Ariel may be swapping Eric for a new ocean-based hottie as Channing Tatum is set to star in Disney’s upcoming remake of the 80’s classic ‘Splash’.

The original ‘Splash’ tells the tale of Tom Hanks coming face to face with Daryl Hannah’s mystical mermaid, who comes to the rescue when he finds himself in some water-based difficilties. The pair soon fall for each other in the heartwarming (fish)tale of love.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tatum is set to co-star in the movie with Jillian Bell,who both starred in 2014’s comedy film ’22 Jump Street’. The original film’s director, Ron Howard, is set to produce the film along with Tatum.

It seems as though the Disney remake will follow the recent ‘Ghostbusters’ film with gender-swaps, though nothing has really been confirmed (except Tatum’s lead role), but we can see it going swimmingly well.

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