Why the ‘Big Hero 6’ TV show needs to happen


Guys, I can’t believe I didn’t know this until last week. One of my all-time favourite Disney movies is becoming a television show. Excited is an understatement. Yes, ‘Big Hero 6’ is getting the small screen treatment.

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In my honest opinion, I preferred ‘Big Hero 6’ over ‘Frozen’. The little kids ruined ‘Frozen’ for me. Seriously, they need to let it go (pun intended). But the reason why I loved the former so much is the brilliance of it. I don’t think it got enough recognition. The movie was funny, emotional, dramatic, and just flat out great. For a kids movie, it was a real gem. Because who doesn’t want their own Baymax?

Another reason why it was so good? I literally cried at a certain point (you all know which one). I hardly ever cry and I was shook. Reality check for all the children, let me tell you now.

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So why should a TV show be made? Because how can it not? The characters from ‘Big Hero 6’ were something really special. Each and their own unique personalities and were so relatable to me. Their squad was so lit. Imagine if I was as smart as they were. All the crazy ideas they concocted were amazing. It was a film so unexpected, it worked perfectly.

I remember watching this in the cinemas with my friends. There were kids everywhere (it was school holidays) and we had no regrets. There were some people the same age as us sitting behind and we literally became friends. The power of a children’s movie is limitless. We laughed, we cried, we left feeling happy. If you haven’t watched ‘Big Hero 6’, do it.

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You know that feeling when something ends yet you crave more. That’s what I feel like with ‘Big Hero 6’. To be honest, I’m not sure that a sequel film would’ve worked. However, a series with a different adventure every episode could work really well. I’m all for it.

I’ve come up with a few ideas for a few episodes, so writers, listen up:

  • A villain who copies the character’s abilities and starts causing trouble in San Fransokyo.
  • San Fransokyo comes down with a terrible virus. Only Honey and her chemical reactions can stop it.
  • A computer program goes nuts and takes control of the city.

Personally, I think these ideas are great. Writers hit me up. ‘Big Hero 6’ is slated to premiere sometime in 2017. Will you be watching?

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