‘Annabelle’ is back, but is she THE creepiest horror doll of them all?


2017 looks to be an amazing year for horror films, and what better way to start with a teaser from upcoming film Annabelle 2? The American supernatural horror directed by David F. Sandberg and written by Gary Dauberman is the sequel to the 2014 film ‘Annabelle’.  This will be the fourth instalment of the ‘Conjuring Series’, which was where we first met the Annabelle doll.

Having already seen ‘The Conjuring’ back in 2013 (which has to be one of the best horror films I’ve seen), I was naturally excited by the release of this teaser trailer for the next instalment of the creepy doll.

Prior to the teaser trailer, director David F Sandberg tweeted a photo of himself with the infamous doll announcing the upcoming trailer.

I’m really hoping that there won’t be too many spoilers in the lead up to the release, as I fear it may spoil the film before I get to see it. Let’s face it, there’s quite a while between now and the film release in May 2017.  In the meantime, let’s enjoy a taster of what’s to be expected.

If you’ve not already seen Annabelle, let me just ask you – WHY THE HELL NOT?! Anyway, here’s a brief insight of who…um what she is.

Who/what is Annabelle?

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If you don’t know by now, Annabelle is a raggedy doll who resides in a glass box at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. Obviously, she isn’t just any ordinary doll. She’s alleged to be haunted by demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. What makes this doll even scarier is the fact that it actually exists. Pretty frightening to think that Annabelle is out there scaring the living crap out of some unfortunate person.

Pretty creepy right? Well, it’s something you’d expect from a horror film really isn’t it?

Horror Dolls

Mirror mirror on the wall , who is the creepiest horror doll of them all? Creepy dolls have starred in numerous films over the years and continue to be a common feature for a certain percentage of horror films. They’ve been using this phenomenon for the better part of a century, and that’s a long time! Their human-like features, glassy stares and murderous tendencies are terrifying.

There are a fair few horror dolls that have featured on the big screen over the past century, and I’ve had a look at some of the creepiest.

Clown Doll (1982)

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This doll is from the film ‘Poltergeist’ which was released before I was born (FYI). Although obviously very dated now it’s still a classic. Brought to us by Tobe Hooper, this has to be one of the best ‘haunted house’ films. The scary features are enough to freak you out, and that’s before it comes alive and starts strangling kids. I used to work with someone who has a fear of clowns because of this film, (true story).

Chucky (1988-2013)

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From the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise, Chucky is one of the dolls most horror fans think of whenever the subject of ‘killer dolls’ comes up in conversation, you know…as it does from time to time. For those who don’t know, Chucky is possessed by the spirit of a homicidal maniac. These films have given generations of children nightmares, myself included.

Jigsaw (2004-2010)

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If you haven’t already seen the ‘Saw’ films then be warned, they aren’t for the faint-hearted. Probably one of the goriest film franchises I have ever seen, but also one of the best. As well as being very graphic, their plot lines are somewhat complicated and naturally quite disturbing. The victims are forced to mutilate themselves to survive by serial killer creepy-ass doll Jigsaw, who rocks up on his little tricycle. Jigsaw was last seen in 2010, but it looks like he is set to make a return next year for the latest film in the franchise entitled ‘Legacy’.

Billy (2007)

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From ‘Dead Silence’, the film is based on ventriloquist Mary Shaw who gets buried with her dolls. Oh yeah, and she gets her tongue cut off by a mob after she is suspected of murdering a young boy. There are loads of creepy dolls in this film but Billy, the murderous ventriloquist dummy is the scariest one of all. He’s got a nasty habit of ripping people’s tongues out, nice!

Brahms (2016)

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From the film ‘The Boy’, as perfectly nice looking as this doll looks, don’t be fooled – appearances can be deceiving. Without giving too much away about the film, it centres around the irresponsible nanny who doesn’t follow the rules left to her by the doll’s ‘parents’.  Yeah, this film is quite weird.  In all honesty out of all the dolls I’ve mentioned, this is probably the least scary in my opinion.  There are some jumpy bits in the film and a great twist at the end.

My verdict

Personally, I think it’s a close call between Annabelle and Jigsaw. For me, despite them all being extremely sinister, these two dolls have left an impression on how I perceive the qualities that a creepy horror should have.

As a massive horror fan, to say that I am excited by the release of ‘Annabelle 2’ is an understatement, roll on 2017.

Did your favourite creepy doll make the list? Let me know

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