‘A United Kingdom’ sheds light on an important issue


London, 2016. People are free to do what they like, when they like including having an interracial relationship. Rewind back to London, 1948. There is a lot of discrimination in all of its ugly forms, including racism. ‘A United Kingdom’ sheds light on this reality and tells a truly remarkable real life story.

Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) is King of Bechuanaland (also known as Botswana), and he crosses paths with Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) – an office worker from London. They fall in love, and want to get married. Sounds ideal doesn’t it? There’s just one problem he’s black, she’s white and it’s 1948. With disapproval from their families, and the British and South African governments this love story wasn’t made to be easy.

The film is directed by Amma Asante and based on the book ‘Colour Bar’ by Susan Williams. Starring alongside Oyelowo and Pike in this amazing cast includes Jack Davenport (‘Pirates of the Caribbean’), Terry Pheto (‘Mandela’), Tom Felton (‘Harry Potter’), Arnold Oceng (‘Adulthood’), Jack Lowden (’71′) and Laura Carmichael (‘Downton Abbey’).

We’re excited to see a unique piece of history played out in ‘A United Kingdom’, which heads to UK cinemas from November 25, 2016.

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