5 reasons you need to watch A Star Is Born


Every once in a while, a movie is released that everyone is talking about. In 2018, that movie was ‘A Star Is Born’, starring and directed by Bradley Cooper and featuring the pop queen, Lady Gaga. If you’re still yet to settle down and watch the film, here are 5 reasons you need to grab a copy now.


It’s the song you’ve been singing for months, even if you haven’t seen the movie. Arguably one of the best duets of the last 10 years, fight us if you don’t agree. Seeing Ally (Lady Gaga) belt it out in front of a huge audience will really hit you in the feels.

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You’re going to ship Jack and Ally

Until you get up to a certain part in the film, anyway (no spoilers). Where can we find ourselves a cute bearded man who’ll make us a wedding ring out of a guitar string? We’re not asking for much, are we?

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It deals with addiction and struggle

Bradley Cooper’s character, Jack, struggles with alcohol and drug addiction throughout the film. You’ll be chocking back the tears when he heads to rehab to recover for two months, it’s here we find out that he attempted suicide when he was just 13-years-old.

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Lady Gaga’s killer pop tunes

Need we say any more? Ok, we think that this song is *technically* supposed to be bad, BUT IT’S SUCH A BOP. Ally absolutely slays a performance of this on Saturday Night Live.

Bradley Cooper can SING

Is there anything this man can’t do? Acting, singing, producing, directing, looking insanely good while he’s doing it?

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Those are just 5 reasons you should grab a copy of ‘A Star Is Born’, we could go on but who wants a review with a whole bunch of spoilers?

‘A Star Is Born’ is available to buy in the UK and US now.

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