7 unrealistic things that happen in movies


This is it. This will be the article that forever changes the way you watch movies. I apologise in advance. Once you see these, you cannot unseen them. Ever. Have you ever noticed things happening in movies and think about how unrealistic it is? Because I do it all the time. It’s a blessing and a curse.



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This is probably the most common one I’ve seen. Every time a character brushes their teeth, 95% of the time, there’s no toothpaste. Their mouth doesn’t get foamy. They’re just brushing with an empty toothbrush. This annoys me so much. And then they just spit and everything’s all good. I wish my morning could go as smoothly as theirs.



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These characters ALWAYS find a parking spot right in front of where they want to go. WRONG. It takes me ten minutes and a lot of swearing before I find one. Honestly, I’m shook.



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Have you ever noticed that 99% of the time, characters don’t have to wait for coffee? If only life could be this way (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap) – if you didn’t understand this F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference, have you even lived?



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This one really frustrates me. Every time I have a shower, I always get scolded with hot water. It takes me at least a minute to adjust the water to the right temperature. In movies, the characters just jump right in. OKAY THEN?



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The teenager comes downstairs, ready for school and the parent has laid out an entire breakfast buffet for them. What do they do? They take ONE piece of toast and take a bite and walk out the door. DO YOU SEE ALL THE FOOD? Honestly, what a disrespectful child. Get rid of them. They clearly don’t respect breakfast time.



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Generally whenever characters are interacting with each other on the phone, they just “hang up”. No goodbye, nothing. If I was on the other end, I’d ring back and tell them off. It might be just me but it really annoys me.



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Literally how 80% of car accidents in movies go. The characters will be talking to each other… but none of them are watching the road. Are you stupid? Talk and watch. If we can all do it, so can you. Characters will go literally 20 seconds without looking at the road? Uhh, no thanks.

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