10 best moments from Outer Banks season 3

Warning: major spoilers ahead!


Since the release of Outer Banks season 3 on Netflix, fans have flocked to TikTok and Twitter to share their reactions to the most jaw-dropping moments of the pogue’s newest adventure. With a season full of treasure hunts, heists, deaths, kisses, and unhinged chaos, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most fan-favorited moments:

10.) “I Have a Samsung!”

What’s an OBX season without the pogues being hilariously chaotic? Since season 1, fans have adored the way the cast is able to improvise such natural comedy and play off their undeniable chemistry. There are plenty of these fun moments throughout this season, but one of our faves comes from 3×02. There’s nothing like a Gen Z-appropriate joke that doesn’t feel cringy to make us laugh.


9.) Kiara Teaming Up With Rafe

Okay so, no one likes Rafe Cameron. But everyone loves Drew Starkey. We couldn’t get enough of this odd duo working together to escape Carlos Singh’s mansion. Not only did they have such a fun balance of “I hate you” chemistry, but Drew’s performance of Rafe recounting his murderous behavior was INCREDIBLE. Of course, we can’t fail to mention the way Kiara tricked him off his own boat to go find the pogues. ICONIC!


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8.) Poguelandia

Admittedly, we would have loved to see more of them on their island paradise, but we’ll take all that we can get (especially since they spent so much of the season separated). It was so exciting to revisit our beloved pogues after such a long wait, and we did get some pretty adorable scenes out of the first few minutes of 3×01. JJ teaching Kiara to hunt fish, the cute game of truth or dare, and the sweet moment between John B and Sarah were enough to secure a spot on our countdown. We just love when the pogues are together and happy!

7.) Big John’s Death

We’ll say what everyone is thinking. Big John was the WORST, and quite frankly, ruined the dynamic of most of the season. So, while his death was a heartwarming full circle moment for John B, we couldn’t WAIT for the moment to come. He was condescending, reckless, obsessive, and downright annoying. He never cared about his son more than the gold literally ever, and he needed to go! We can’t wait to see more of the pogues together and none of Big John next season!

6.) Pope and Cleo Violating the “No Love Club”

And we are SO GLAD they did. Everyone pretty much knew where their relationship was going the second she joined the pogues last season, but it was so satisfying to see it come to fruition. From her living with the Heywards to their hilarious teamwork in 3×05, Pope and Cleo are such a lovable dynamic duo, and we adore seeing Cleo’s journey navigating pogue life.

5.) Ward Cameron’s Death

Perhaps one of the most complicated villains on the show has finally been killed, and we oddly felt so emotional. Maybe it was Madelyn Cline’s stunning acting or the fact that Ward sacrificed himself to put his daughter first for once in his life. Through all the terrible things he did, this was one that we can’t condemn him for. While we certainly will not miss Ward, we’ll miss seeing Charles Esten on our screens, and we love him for bringing our day-one villain to life.

4.) A Good Old-Fashioned Pogue Adventure

3×05 might just be everyone’s favorite episode in the entire season and that is all thanks to the writers giving us at least one nostalgic adventure reminiscent of the pogue antics in season 1 (minus John B). The train chase, heist of the fake cross, and JJ evading the police on his motorcycle were EVERYTHING we needed among all of the overly complicated treasure hunts and international conflicts this season. Not to mention, Topper’s redemption arc was hilarious and could have been such a fun thing to lean into if they didn’t ruin it with his psychotic pyromaniac behavior.


3.) JJ and Kiara Reunite

People were quite literally gasping and screaming at this moment and every other Jiara moment that followed. They were truly the highlight of the season, and their tension was insane. There were so many scenes where they gave all the Jiara stans reasons to hold their breath, and this is just one of them. Rudy Pankow and Madison Bailey gave the characters such unbelievably convincing chemistry and we’re totally obsessed. I mean the “I’m so glad you’re safe…” COME ON! A cinematic masterpiece really.

2.) John B and Sarah Find El Dorado

The ultimate climax of the season has to be in the top 2! Seeing John B and Sarah work together (without Big John) was so relieving after they had spent most of the season separated or fighting. The entire sequence was giving Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie (in the best way possible), and there were so many sweet little moments between the two that reconfirmed their endgame status. It also can’t go unnoticed that Sarah was absolutely carrying that expedition. John B was really just looking pretty and carrying the flare. We are Sarah Cameron fans first, people second.

1.) JJ Rescues Kiara + the Jiara Kiss

THE MOMENT EVERYONE BEGGED FOR FINALLY ARRIVED. And it was everything. The girls screaming and clapping during the kiss represented all of us watching, and the producers are so funny for that. Jiara is possibly one of the best friends-to-lovers slow-burn romances we have ever seen in a show, and the chemistry building since 1×01 perfectly tied itself in a bow with this episode. We truly can’t say enough good things about these two.


What were your favorite moments from OBX3?

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