Which temple would you be assigned to during mage training?

In Kesia Lupo's debut novel, 'We Are Blood and Thunder', every new mage is assigned to one of the nine gods' temples during training. Take this quiz to find out where you'd best fit!


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We Are Blood and Thunder‘ sees Lena discover she’s a mage and begin her training in Faul the Huntsman God’s temple. But there were eight other gods whose temples she could potentially have belonged to:

  • Mythris the Masked God
  • Jok the Warrior God
  • Nomi the Explorer God
  • Imris the Healer God
  • Regis the Ruler God
  • Turah the Land Goddess (one of the twins)
  • Jurah the Justice Goddess (the second twin)
  • Amoris the Golden Goddess

Take this quiz to find out which of the nine gods from Kesia Lupo’s fantasy novel ‘We Are Blood Thunder’ you’d be assigned to during your mage training. Then grab your copy of the book, out in the UK now.

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Get your copy of ‘We Are Blood and Thunder’ in the UK now.

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