Find out if you’d make a good detective based on your opinions about pie

And read 'Serious Moonlight', the newest novel by Jenn Bennett that follows Birdie and Daniel in Seattle as they work together to solve a local mystery (after a one-night stand brings them together).


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Jenn Bennett is one of our favourite contemporary YA authors. Last year we loved her book ‘Starry Eyes’, and now her latest release ‘Serious Moonlight‘ has quickly earned itself a place on our best YA books of 2019 list. We always fall in love with her unfiltered, lovably problematic main characters — like Birdie, a sheltered mystery-loving girl working her first job and exploring her sexuality with Daniel, her charming new coworker with a hearing impairment.

After a roadside hookup and a lot of awkwardness, Birdie and Daniel pair up to see if they can discover the true identity of an anonymous Seattle-based mystery writer. And, when they need a break from their sleuthing, the two enjoy fresh slices of pie from the local Moonlight Diner.

What goes together better than pie and detective work? Answer these tough questions about your pie preferences, and we’ll tell you if you’d make as good of a detective as Birdie.

Get your copy of ‘Serious Moonlight’ now!

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