Watch: She & Him’s cute pugtastic music video


What can be better than Christmas? PUGS IN CUTE CHRISTMAS OUTFITS. And where can you see them? Only in She & Him’s new music video ‘Winter Wonderland’. They’re literally so adorable I squealed a few times. Don’t judge, you will too. Thank you Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward for this wonderful video.

WATCH: She & Him's cute pugtastic music video 1
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I honestly don’t know what else you could want? I mean, I get emotional when I look at my own puppy. Obviously I think he’s the cutest dog in the world. But damn these pugs are just the sweetest things. I want ten of them.

WATCH: She & Him's cute pugtastic music video 2
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Ok, ok. I think you all want to see some Christmas pugs, am I right? Watch the ‘Winter Wonderland’ music video below and try not to die of cuteness overload.

Are you all crying? Feeling a little emotional? Because if you aren’t, you have no soul. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself driving to adopt a pug.

You can find the ‘Winter Wonderland’ track as well as plenty of other really cool acoustic Xmas songs on She & Him’s sixth album ‘Christmas Party’. If you haven’t ordered or bought it, you can do that right here. It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit.

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