Zayn Malik sends fans printed versions of their own fan art


During his time with One Direction and after, Zayn has always been a huge supporter of his fans’ artwork. He frequently promotes and praises them on Twitter and Facebook, using their art as his profile picture and header image, as well as retweeting/posting them for millions to see.

To show extra appreciation to some of his most creative fans, Zayn took it a huge step further—he printed fans’ art on special canvases and sent it to them along with a handwritten note.

zayn malik fan art 1

zayn malik fan art 2

Tumblr user larents writes, “my lil sister just randomly got this gift from zayn??????? it’s a canvas of her art from instagram (@flamin.gos) with a cute lil note,, we’re literally so??????? he’s such an amazing and loving person, so appreciative, he’s the best.”

zayn fan art 3

“Thaaaaaankkkkk Yooouuuuuuuuuuuu I’m crying,” @zalizap tweets with crying emojis. Zayn’s note reads, “Can’t believe your only 15!! Your art is incredible, keep drawing and being inspired.”

zayn malik fan art 5

“A year ago followed me and NOW I GET THIS! Love you Zayn with all my heart,” tweets @aki_anyway.

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