It ain’t her fault, but Zara Larsson is the popstar we need right now


Today, Zara Larsson releases her eagerly awaited new single. It’s titled ‘Ain’t My Fault’, which in short is about her stealing your man and her not caring, because as the title suggests, it isn’t her fault. Larsson again partners with MNEK after the global success of their single ‘Never Forget You’, and once more this partnership has created something incredible. ‘Ain’t My Fault’ oozes confidence, with Larsson laying vocals (and rap!) over a sick trap beat that is certain to be a radio hit soon.

Out everywhere #aintmyfault (if it's not available yet in your country, it will be in a few hours!)

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What is the hype over Zara Larsson you may wonder?  Well let us give you 4 reasons why we NEED Zara Larsson as a mega popstar in 2016.

1. Zara is woke.

Yes w o k e. At just 18 years old, Zara is not scared to give her opinion on social issues that affect minority communities, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

2. Zara is not afraid to say she wants worldwide success.

In a era where many artists hide their inner urge to gain global success, Larsson is open and has stated many times how she wants #1 singles, a successful global tour, etc.

3. Probably the most important reason, Zara just makes great music.

From club-ready bangers a la ‘Never Forget You’ to glorious radio-ready pop like ‘Lush Life’ and now trap/rap influenced ‘Ain’t My Fault’, this girl is versatile and succeeds in every genre.

4. She WANTS to be a popstar.

She wants to improve her dancing, singing, ad performance skills. She wants to reach her best, which is great to see.

We at United By Pop could not be more excited for Zara Larsson’s future and wish her success with the roll out of her next single. Listen to ‘Ain’t My Fault’ on Spotify below.


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