Wonho releases his second solo album Love Synonym #2: Right For Us

The album shows Wonho's all-around musicality, including his vocals and participation in the songwriting, composing, and production of the songs.


Wonho will tug at your heartstrings as he is back with new charming melodies in his first comeback album, Love Synonym #2: Right For Us, released on February 26 via Highline Entertainment.

The album is the second instalment of his solo project Love Synonym. The first part was released last September and marked Wonho’s solo debut. After exciting fans and new listeners with his debut album, Wonho sent his fans into anticipation mode for his new release, in particular after performing the track ‘FLASH’ during his online concert in September 2020.

On Love Synonym #2: Right For Us, Wonho delightfully delves into the various synonyms of love with a diverse range of sounds, from guitar-led pop tracks to ballads. A total of eight tracks are on the album, including the lead track ‘Lose’, recorded both in Korean and English. ‘Lose’ is produced by Noah Conrad, and Wonho is stated to have been directly involved in writing the lyrics for the track. Wonho has taken part in the production process on three of the tracks on Love Synonym #2: Right For Us.

“If the prior album stated his intention to mark his way into [the music industry] as a solo artist, he tried to show a more solid and promising musical universe through this album”, his agency Highline Entertainment said.

‘Lose’ is a stylish and slick song, more atmospheric and with a ‘dark’ aura and groove – quite in contrast with the rest of the tracks on the album. The music video accompanying the track is sultry and surely will please Wenees. The video taps into the ‘dark’ aura of the song with its lighting, colours and imagery. Sharp transitions in the video are well balanced with Wonho and the dancers’ fast and sharp movements.

Additionally, Wonho sings his love and most sincere emotions to his fans with the track ‘WENEED’, a love-letter song. The previously unveiled ‘FLASH’ is another acknowledgement of the strong bond Wonho and Wenees have, describing how his fans have been his constant support system through everything. He has also shared a special live performance video of the song. ‘WENEED’ is one of three tracks that was written, composed and arranged by Wonho.

For ‘Ain’t About You’ Wonho teamed up with the American singer-songwriter Kiiara. The pair charms listeners in a cheeky duet, full of amusing lines and playful back-and-forth.

Wonho’s Love Synonym #2: Right For Us was released on February 26.

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