YUGYEOM shares gloomy music video for I Want U Around

The track serves as a pre-release from the upcoming album “Point Of View: U”


Singer-songwriter and producer YUGYEOM (also a member of GOT7) has released his first solo track, “I Want U Around,” under AOMG. The track serves as a pre-release for his upcoming debut EP, Point Of View: U, released on June 17.

“I Want U Around” features the Korean R&B singer and YUGYEOM’s label mate DeVita, and it was produced by hip hop and R&B artist/producer extraordinaire GRAY (also under AOMG). The song is a take on the trendy blend of R&B and trap beats where the vocals are laid out to shine, and the interplay/dialogue between YUGYEOM and DeVita is delightful.

YUGYEOM vocals express the longing for a significant other and not being able to go through the most mundane things like sleeping, “Caught up in your thoughts all-day/ I’m unable to fall asleep/ I hope to dream of you at least/ Wake up in frustration every day, yeah/ I can’t stop thinking of you in my mind.” DeVita goes back to YUGYEOM’s verses with “I’ll always wait for you/ I’ll be right here forever/ You can be a little latе/ Baby you’ll be safe as long as you’re with mе.”

The music video for the single is set in a gloomy and misty forest – reminding us of JAY B’s “Switch It Up” scenario. The video opens with YUGYEOM in the misty forest, seated on a wooden chair and tied up. In the video, YUGYEOM seems to be alienated while wandering in the forest – expressing him not being able to get through his daily tasks as his mind wonders and longs for his lover. YUGYEOM is then in a ditch while DeVita appears holding a torch and tossing it into the ditch, revealing YUGYEOM at the bottom of it. The video ends with a set of levitating rocks standing above YUGYEOM.

With this release, YUGYEOM has increased his global popularity; as the charts have shown, YUGYEOM not only is an unparalleled dancer but a talented singer-songwriter. “I Want U Around” peaked No. 1 on the iTunes Song Chart of 36 countries – including Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Brazil; snatched the No. 1 spot on the US R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. It debuted No. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and No. 7 on the European iTunes Song Chart. In Korea, the single debuted No. 1 on Genie Top 200 Chart.

The dance performance version of “I Want U Around” has now been released, and although the clip only lasts 47 seconds, YUGYEOM is able to show his incredible dance movements.

The EP Point Of View: U consists of seven tracks and features some of the finest artists from AOMG such as Loco and Punchnello, including GRAY and Cha Cha Malone on the production. Point Of View: U will be released on Thursday, June 17.

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