Tate McRae releases what would you do? music video

It's the perfect song for listening to on full blast and screaming the lyrics


Tate McRae may only be 18 years old, but she’s already put plenty of incredible bops out into the world and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping anytime soon. Her latest single, ‘what would you do?’, was released last week and a brand new music video for the track is out today.

‘what would you do?’ is the fourth single from Tate’s upcoming debut album, following ‘feel like shit’, ‘chaotic’ and ‘she’s all I wanna be’. Tate initially previewed the song on TikTok, teasing the song’s iconic bridge.


We’ll make plans and I won’t show up
I won’t listen, I’ll interrupt
When your birthday comes, won’t answer ya ‘cause so what?
So what?
I’ll go out and kiss your friends like, “Oh my God, get over it”
Yeah, go get drunk so you forget I’m gone

It’s the perfect song for listening to on full blast and screaming the lyrics when you’re trying to forget your ex. In the fun music video, Tate plays a disgruntled parking valet who fantasises about taking one of the cars for a joyride and getting revenge. Watch it below! 

Tate is currently on tour – you can view all her upcoming shows here. Her debut album I Used to Think I Could Fly will be released on 27th May.

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