Stray Kids just served their God’s Menu

The main track of the band's new album 'GO生' is a treat for your eyes and ears


Stray Kids new era has started and the main track and first movie video for the new album dropped last month. The big production bedind them show how much talent these guys have to offer in the industry.

Using cooking as a metaphor, the group’s movie video shows different processes of creation that results in their main dish: the killing music they make.

The intense choreography full of movements that make the group look like they are really cooking something for us, add a special touch to the whole concept and have you taking a double look on each scene afraid you would be missing out something.

From chefs at a restaurant to car racers – all eight members look incredibly fierce singing about being one of a kind and making music that will make you want more.

The clean vocals, hard-to-follow raps and Felix’s deep rough voice are a few elements that prove how well they all fit together and stand out from other groups. They are as unique as they promise on this track.

When Stray Kids present such a well produced song and a movie video full of effects and strong visuals they leave no questions to why the band is getting more and more popular nowadays.

We can’t wait to see what else they’ve got on that menu.

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