Samantha Harvey gets first date jitters in Get To Know You music video

Watch the video for the singer's latest single.


Searching for that feel-good, love-dovey jam? Samantha Harvey’s latest single ‘Get To Know You’ brings all the romantic mushiness. As the song steadily makes its way past half a million Spotify streams, its accompanying video only adds more vibrancy.

The music video depicts the beginning of a relationship with the honeymoon phase in full force. Samantha and her love interest go through the motions—the awkward first dates, sharing quirks and eventual security between one another. It’s the picture-perfect version of modern romance.

“‘Get To Know You’ is about the excitement of meeting someone that you really like and wanting to learn everything about them,” Samantha says about the single. “The process of finding out about the person you’re interested in is beautiful. It’s intriguing, interesting and means you become best friends as well as lovers. I wanted to release a real feel-good song that will stay in your head all day long, a song that people will want to put on over and over again and belt out in the car.”

The video pops with pastel pinks as the 26-year-old singer dons glitzy gold hoops and stylish outfits while crooning to her soon-to-be boyfriend. We can’t help but feel good while watching it, yearning for a cute love affair of our own.

Samantha is climbing the pop music ladder, proving herself to be an exceptionally in-demand U.K. artist. She is currently visiting schools across the country, speaking to young fans about her experiences in the music industry including her struggles as well as her successes. It showcases a humble side to the highly popular musician.

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