Rain and Jackson Wang release stylish video for Magnetic

The song is featured on Rain's latest EP, ‘PIECES By RAIN.’


Legendary K-pop icon Rain and GOT7’s soloist Jackson Wang have released a sleek music video for their new collaboration song, ‘Magnetic’.

‘Magnetic’ is written, composed, and arranged by Jackson Wang and producers BOYTOY and Oneway. The song is part of Rain’s new EP, Pieces of Rain, released on March 3 — his first release in four years.

‘Magnetic’ is a sensual and alluring R&B track describing romance in the shades of lust and desire with the lyrics, “Baby, you can be magnetic / My heart can’t deny it / No matter how much I resist / Stuck on you like magnetic, yeah” and “Oh you got my mind all messed up / Thinking what’s the feeling all caught up / I’m needing your love for a minute / Stuck on your love, magnetic, yeah”.

In the song, Jackson switches from his distinctive rap to falsetto, increasing the song’s lust, while Rain mesmerizes listeners with his sultry vocals.

The music video accompanying the single is the perfect visual representation of the theme of the song. The script for the video was written by Jackson, who also co-directed it with Mamesjao. The sleek black and white cinematography opens with portraits for Rain and Jackson, who break the frames’ barrier by waltzing around an art gallery where time stands still and heavily flirt with the camera.

Check out Rain and Jackson Wang’s new music video:

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