Fans show support for Miley Cyrus’ new track, Younger Now


When we didn’t think it was possible for Miley Cyrus to top ‘Malibu,’ she proves us wrong with the release of her new single for her upcoming album’s title track ‘Younger Now.’ Cyrus shows off her quirky side, belting out a hopeful song that’s sure to become the anthem for the millennial generation of today.

“No one stays the same/You know what goes up must come down/Change is a thing you can count on/I feel so much younger now,” she sings, something all young adults can relate to. Perhaps it’s a nod to Cyrus’ past self―the ‘Bangerz’ era capturing her most rebellious side. But it could also be a mantra for the 20-somethings who struggle with finding themselves, that their current situation of feeling lost and hopeless isn’t always going to be constant.

Cyrus pulls off a wide range of looks throughout the video―the iconic sparkly Elvis Presley jumpsuit, slicked back hair and even breaking out a 50’s style look for an epic dance finale. Cyrus also revealed that the doll in the video is supposed to symbolize herself―representing she’s embracing her past.

You GOT it! Ding Ding Ding!

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In addition to the never-ending support for the single, fans have got a bit creative. The cover art for ‘Younger Now’ features a young Miley, teeth still growing in and a bow in her hair, all relating back to the lyrics of her pop hit. Fans have decided to make cover art of their own by replacing pictures of their own young, innocent selves and posting on social media along with #YoungerNowChallenge.

Cyrus even posted one of her and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, singing into a microphone―giving a little glimpse into her music-filled childhood.

‘Younger Now’ already has over six million views, not an unusual feat for the pop star. Her first single ‘Malibu’ debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Cyrus’ recent releases reveal a completely different side to the star making her resurgence into the pop scene a very buzzed about come back and one we’re very excited about.

Miley Cyrus’ album ‘Younger Now’ comes out September 29th.

Listen to the title track ‘Younger Now’ here

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