Madison Beer bares her soul in the music video for Dead

See the dreamy video for this brutal break-up anthem


Rising pop star Madison Beer has released a nostalgic, dreamy video to go along with her sassy break-up anthem ‘Dead.’ Beer started to gain momentum after Justin Bieber tweeted a video of Beer covering ‘At Last’ by Etta James.

“You say you can’t live without me, so why aren’t you dead yet?” Those are the haunting words Beer belts in the track, a thought towards our ex that’s crossed all our minds at some point during a break-up. The video’s vibe goes along perfectly with the song’s brutal lyrics―Beer lying back in a bathtub full of rose petals, mascara running down her face as she delivers the words of heartbreak with a soft edge.

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In a recent interview with Billboard, Beer reminisces about the writing process for ‘Dead’ saying, “It feels like such a fun and cool record, but it also has depth. It’s about a situation myself and so many others find themselves in when you feel ignored and not loved in a relationship, yet you’re still hearing empty words like ‘I can’t live without you,’ and it tears you up inside… So I wanted to make the anthem for staying strong though this moment and not taking any sh–!”

Beer also recently opened up about her enormous social media fame―something she’s dealt with for majority of her teenage life. Being discovered by Justin Bieber leaves you with a huge amount of exposure that no one’s prepared for.

“Just because people follow you on Instagram, they think they know you personally but they don’t,” Beer says about daily online haters. “But it’s never gotten easier or less. It’s just something I’ve been able to navigate and convert into positive energy.”

One thing’s for sure, Beer bares her soul in this latest track, which already has over 18 million streams to date and is sure to set the tone for her future music career.

Listen to ‘Dead’ here.

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