Louis Tomlinson’s Just Like You lyric video shows his deep connection with his fans

Screenshots prove he knows exactly what issues affect them (and him).


Following the release of his latest single ‘Just Like You’, which was a special “just for fans” track that immediately skyrocketed up the iTunes charts to number one worldwide, Louis Tomlinson just dropped the lyric video.

“This is one of my favorites from the album,” he tweeted. “Conceptually I think it’s sums me up !”

The song is a clear reminder to fans that, despite his fame, Louis still relates to them on a basic human level. “I’m just like you / Even though my problems look nothing like yours do,” the chorus goes. “Yeah, I get sad too / And when I’m down I need somebody to talk to / Yeah, I feel the same as you would do / Same stress, same shit to go through / I’m just like you / If only you knew.”

To really hammer this home, the lyric video—which is comprised of newspaper snippets and ransom note-style clippings—sheds light on a lot of the big issues undoubtedly facing Louis’s fans today. As another nod to the fact that the song is specifically for fans, the articles’ contents are only readable if you pause the video and zoom in—something no casual viewer would take the time to do.

In this frame, you can see a clipping from an article from The Guardian on independent filmmaker Sally Potter speaking on “the struggles of women, people of colour, and LGBT voices to be heard.”

louis tomlinson just like you lyric video 1
Image Source: Vevo

Behind the cut-out of a silhouette, this frame shows the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

louis tomlinson just like you lyric video 2
Image Source: Vevo

Here, half cut off by another newspaper page, the word “Brexit” shows prominently.

louis tomlinson just like you lyric video 3
Image Source: Vevo

Not every clipping is quite so deep. Some include in-depth articles on eczema and Amazon. But Louis’s diverse group of followers (there’s 29 million of them on Twitter) is obviously affected by the issues these newspaper stories touch upon; he has female fans, fans of colour, LGBT fans—and of course British fans. These issues that affect the world affect him too, as his song lyrics serve to remind us.

Watch the full video here:

Featured Image Source: Vevo

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