Internet sensation Houssein sheds light on relationships in ‘Walking Away’

The 19-year-old premieres his lighthearted video for yearning new single.


Viral internet musicians are more common lately and 19-year-old Houssein is no stranger to the immediate popularity when it comes to becoming the latest social media sensation. Much like Shawn Mendes, Houssein performed cover songs online through Vine and which ultimately helped him gain a steady and loyal following.

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Originally from the U.K., the pop singer has curated a sound that contains the perfect mixture of electronic and synth-pop. Unlike his previous singles ‘5 Bucks,’ ‘Summer Night,’ and ‘Tokyo,’ his newest release ‘Walking Away’ is calmer—a soothing transition into a softer side to the teenager’s creativity.

With an acoustic feel, ‘Walking Away’ allows Houssein to dig deep, exploring the topic of finicky relationships. While the beat might be lighthearted, it unveils a discussion of approaching problems with your significant other rather than avoiding them altogether.

The video for ‘Walking Away’ fits its upbeat mood but heartbreaking lyrics—Houssein dressed up in a bear costume, suffering the consequences of another failed relationship and trying to brave through life alone. Revealing behind the scenes details, the teen star told Pop Matters, “In the video, a picture frame gets thrown at me, whilst in a bear costume, and the corner hits me right in the head—it didn’t feel good. Also, the bear costume was far too hot, I felt like I was going to pass out from wearing it after about three minutes.”

Houssein’s lyrical writing is fresh and promising—to have a singer-songwriter creating tracks so early on that are catchy but riveting at the same time can be a rarity. Well on his way to becoming a massive popstar—exuding charm and potential, Houssein is the next young talent we have our eyes set on.

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Stream ‘Walking Away’ here.

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