Dove Cameron addresses Roe v Wade in new music video Breakfast

Dove Cameron flips societal patriarchal gender norms on their head in her newest music video


Dove Cameron flips societal patriarchal gender norms on their head in her newest music video, “Breakfast.”

With Roe v. Wade recently overturned, women across the country face life or death situations. Losing complete autonomy of their bodies and being plagued with labels of lazy unpure women who need to be abstinent or need to “close their legs,”; the language is foul, and the implications are dangerous. After recently coming out as bisexual, the 26-year-old singer/actress has used her platform to freely and comfortably express her life as a modern woman navigating every day in a society that has progressed and regressed for women’s rights.

After the viral and commercial success of her first single “Boyfriend”

The music video begins grimly with Cameron muttering: “You want to talk about power? My husband gets to stay home and watch TV while I have to work every day.” Chilling and incredibly skewed, it should be seen as satirical, but the reality is: that sexism and anti-feminism are at the forefront of the American political system. The music video is set in a world eerily similar to the one we live in now, but women are in control, and men are viewed as subservient trophy spouses. Objectified and ridiculed for being “so f—ing emotional,” men are now on the receiving end of the daily societal commentary and lashings women face.

“Breakfast” is an anthem for every woman who has been belittled and talked down to. Dove sings, “I eat boys like you for breakfast/ One by one hung on my necklace” there’s humor and cheekiness in her lyrics, and it’s evident in the context of the video. Although tackling significant issues, there is an air of tongue and cheek. In an interview with Vogue, Dove explains the thought process behind making something on the pulse of political conversation entertaining, sharing, “there is that great Oscar Wilde quote, that if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. I think that you can’t be too heavy-handed with whatever message it is that you’re trying to communicate.”

With the cadence and aura of Lana del Rey mixed with the social tacklings of Demi Lovato, Dove Cameron is not holding back. She has pointedly and pragmatically established herself as a force of authenticity and a voice for the emerging group of young girls raised in a country that has stripped them of their rights and voice. With Dove Cameron in the forefront rallying for the silenced to be heard, we’re sure the nation is in good hands as she leads a new revolution of young adults to freely and unabashedly be heard, seen, and respected.

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