Demi Lovato releases Skin Of My Teeth music video

'Skin Of My Teeth' is the first single from Demi's newly announced album HOLY FVCK


Demi Lovato has dropped the music video for their latest single ‘Skin Of My Teeth’. Fans have been excitedly waiting for it since the track came out last week, alongside a super creepy teaser.

The new single marks the official beginning of a brand new era for Demi, which fans are calling ‘Rockvato’ due to the singer’s change in direction with the sound of their music.

In the ‘Skin Of My Teeth’ music video, we see Demi embrace their pop-punk side beginning in a bathtub. The lyrics address their history with substance abuse and the public reaction to it.

‘Demi leaves rehab again / When is this shit gonna end?’

We then see Demi rock out on stage with an electric guitar, wearing all-black leather, before rain begins pouring down. Throughout the video, we see a man recording Demi with a camcorder – likely representing how they feel they’re always being watched by the public and press.

‘Skin Of My Teeth’ is the first single from Demi’s recently announced album HOLY FVCK, set for release on 19th August (one day before their 30th birthday).

Demi has also announced a 2022 tour with dates across the US and South America from August to November.

This will be Demi’s first tour since 2018, so grab your tickets while you can!

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