Aly & AJ are apparently secret vampires…

Watch their new vintage video for 'Take Me'


Aly & AJ‘s comeback has been anything but boring. They’ve given us the 80s pop vibe we’ve been dying to hear from them and now they’re delivering a vampire-themed video to go along with their new single ‘Take Me.’ It’s given a whole new meaning to the lyrics—”If I could sink my teeth into you.”

The vintage feel of the video shows us a more mature side to the duo, who’ve definitely grown up in the last ten years since releasing anything as Aly & AJ. Even though they’ve stayed true to their genre of music, the video definitely differs from their past works when they were just teenagers.

Remember ‘Chemicals React?’ We rocked out in our rooms to this song when it released ten years ago—makes us all feel extra old.

Another classic, ‘Rush,’ made us all feel like we could be cool, rocker chicks.

Exclusively featured on Disney, ‘No One’ was the perfect example of self-acceptance—a great message for their young fans.

Aly & AJ showed off the true meaning of sass back in 2008 with ‘Like Whoa.’ We all wanted to be as effortlessly cool and stylish as them in this music video.

We certainly couldn’t forget the pair’s most iconic song of their career. ‘Potential Breakup Song’ is still a fan favorite, accompanied by the video that includes their signature attitude that they continue to give fans even a decade later.

The truth is, even when they were teenagers giving us extreme attitude on Disney, Aly & AJ have grown up with us and are always changing and evolving. ‘Take Me’ delves a little deeper into the duo’s creative side and with a whole collection of dynamic songs under their belt, it makes us extremely excited for what’s to come from the two sisters.

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