10 non-pop love songs you need on your Valentine’s Day playlist

I'm so sick of that same old love.


If you’re tired of listening to the same old love songs being played over and over again, it’s time to drop the pop this Valentine’s Day and sway along to these choice alternative, folk and indie love tunes.

10. ‘Toast’ – Violetta Zironi

Violetta Zironi croons of a simple love in this endearingly captivating song. The opening lyrics set the non-committing yet charming tone of the song, “Are you gonna to make me some toast—or shall I grab my clothes?”

9. ‘Candy’ – Paolo Nutini

‘Candy’ is arguably more pop but the soulful and desperate craving for a love that is near but not quite pulls me in.

8. ‘Special’ – Six60

If you haven’t heard music by Six60 yet, it’s time you do. ‘Special’ is a soulful banger about a love you see your future in.

7. ‘Flowers In Your Hair’ – The Lumineers

The song talks of young love, rebellion, drifting apart and falling in love again. A must have on all your love playlists.

6. ‘Dallas Love Field’ – Henry Jamison

This folk tune leads you into a trance-like feeling of reminiscing the bittersweetness of lost love.

5. ‘Olivia’ – Rayland Baxter

I am aware that most of you have an inexplicable aversion to anything ‘yeehaw’ but PLEASE, give this alternative country tune a chance. I promise you won’t regret it.

4. ‘Bloom’ – The Paper Kites

A song for when you can’t get your mind off your love and words just don’t suffice how beautiful being in love with them feels.

3. ‘Calling’ – Lewis Watson

‘Calling’ is my go-to ‘feel happy, good vibes only’ song about my non-existent love life.

2. ‘Let My Baby Stay’ – Mac DeMarco

I first heard this song while watching ‘Everything, Everything’ and it made me a feel a lot of feels. It’s a plea bundled in love and warmth and instantly tugs at your heartstrings.

1. ‘Stuck On The Puzzle’ – Alex Turner

One of my best friends introduced me to this song and I am not one bit ashamed in admitting that I listened to it on repeat for a month straight.


Whether or not you have a significant other this Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a fabulous day chilling out to this playlist in your own wonderful company. Drop a comment and let us know of any other songs you’d want to have in your ‘not-pop love songs’ playlist. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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