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It's United By Pop's official year-end awards celebration. Cast your vote now for Best Group, Personality of the Year, Fandom of the Year, and more.


Forget the GRAMMY Awards, forget the BRITs, don’t listen to all those other end-of-year polls that mean nothing — this is the only one that counts. Now is your chance to get YOUR voice heard. Who deserves to be crowned Best Group, Personality of the Year, Fandom of the Year, and more?

Cast your votes below, we’ll announce the winners on Sunday, 13th January.

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  1. ig says

    why is it always BTS, Why Don’t We has been killing it lately and them and so many other artists deserve recognition.

    1. IGSmol_angelofhopeu says

      Bts wins because their fans vote

      1. Anissa says

        Yeah that’s the point if you have talent and work hard you get more fans and if you get more fans you get more recognition and prices

    2. leave my dm's alone lmao says


      1. ShawnsLimelight says


    3. rbb says

      wym sis this is purely based on the fan’s choice, it ain’t our fault that y’all don’t vote for y’alls faves?

    4. Kloe says

      Idk maybe bc BTS deserves it?? Maybe bc BTS has been killing it too??? And maybe bc BTS isn’t a generic boyband that talks about girls. Like whatever tf you want, I’m not here to stop you, but I’m no way is it unfair for bts to get as many votes as they do. They have such a big fandom for a reason. They endlessly advertise self love and respect, and to speak and be yourself to everyone internationally. Like goddamn they even spoke at United Nations for it. Why Dont We is an amazing band with some crazy talented singers, but sis, there’s no unfairness to this or “not enough recognition”. There’s plenty of love on both sides of these fandoms and if you can’t be happy for BTS and their success then what do you expect from us?

      1. Kate says

        Like their speech in unicef is genuine. Not a hater but they just seem used it to gather more fame and attention because it was relevant. Like, aren’t they still satisfied with the fame they get?! Gosh.

    5. Gay CrackHead says

      Because BTS did it better

    6. strap me up dad says

      i agree with you like bts is better ig in peoples opinion but why dont we is doing great things in their lifes and they deserve better like atleast gve them a chance to win or sum no hate to bts bcs i see they are doing great to but why dont we is also we cnt jst forget about why dont we

    7. Raya Horan says


    8. unknown says

      I’m just gonna say that BTS worked their asses off for their recognition they earned. They’ve been through a long way so you can’t expect them to have the fame they deserve.

    9. Jules says

      Bold of you to assume BTS hasn’t been killing it this year either, they released over 71 songs this year which is two albums, their Japanese album and Japanese versions of their songs and remixes, and their songs on SoundCloud, they broke records, had their world tour, had their first stadium concert in the us at Citifield, released their “tv show” episodes of Run bts , had a whole new season of their vacation package of bon voyage, released a movie that beat one directions record, and won over 28 awards, and spoke at the UN for their partnership with unicef( first kpop group to do so) shot music videos, learned difficult choreography for their songs and performed them countless times, and they are already working on their new album, and that’s just from the top of my head

    10. ShawnsLimelight says


    11. Wdw.moonlight on ig says


  2. pphead says

    you can’t expect one of the biggest fandoms to NOT vote for their faves…

    1. ig says

      yeah, i totally agree. no hate to BTS, i really respect how hard they work and i’m not saying they don’t deserve their *massive* success, i’m just saying us limelights need to get word out for our boys.

      1. Madeleine says

        Tell your faves to work harder then. Everything bts has they earned with their blood sweat and tears, they deserve it all and so much more

  3. says

    no need to bash other artists, if why don’t we is not getting the recognition they deserve then it’s up to either their fan base or their agencies to step it up, not for other artists to step down
    no hate or anything but there’s no need to look down on or insinuate other artists don’t deserve the recognition they’re getting if other groups aren’t getting the same
    with polls like these it’s up to their fans to vote so at the minute the fact is that bts fans are voting and why don’t we fans aren’t voting
    that’s a why don’t we fan base issue not a bts fan base issue
    i’m sure other artists deserve recognition just as much but but there’s no need to blame other groups for that, furthermore it’s up to agencies and management companies to promote
    i’m not trying to say other groups don’t deserve recognition or anything like that, i’m just being rational :))

    1. leave my dm's alone lmao says

      didn’t mean to bash them and i wish i could’ve rephrased my comment because i didn’t mean to come off that way. what i meant to/should’ve said was: BTS is a great band and they deserve their success, but us limelights need to start showing more support for out boys. ❤

  4. Aitana❤️ says

    I think Why Don’t We deserve it because they’ve been working so hard this two years, also they’re so sweet and cute and I’m so proud of them
    Also I think Shawn Mendes have been working too.

    1. ig says

      yesss, i agree 100%

    2. Savanna says

      They aren’t even that cute.

      1. Unknown says

        Ok? And?

    3. Syrian says

      I’m sure why don’t we HAS worked hard these past 2 years but bts has worked hard their whole careers which is 6 years, but don’t forget their years as trainees, they do deserve this because they work extremely hard even though they don’t have to but yet they still do because they feel that they owe it to us ARMY

  5. _w_d_w_love on ig ❤️ says

    Why don’t we definitely deserve this they work so hard and put allot of energy and hard work into everything . #welovewhydontwe

  6. Millie says

    BTS have worked their butts off for YEARS! Been ignored & ridiculed. Been about to disband due to financial difficulties and recently due to extreme mental health struggles. Their story isn’t a frivolous one, please look into them- they’re honestly each inspirations. Remaining humble & constantly thanking their fans.

    Also I support other artists on the lists, as do other Armys. But as someone previously commented it’d be silly to expect fans to not vote for their favourites.

    Long comment short. Let’s not bash each other’s choices or fandoms.

    1. Chichi says

      thank you someone has put into out there! And yes let’s not bash other fan bases every artist works their Butt off equally the same

  7. Sweet_Sweetie_Suga says

    Well since wdw r so famous why i didn’t heard of them before. Like this is the first time fr. So sorry 🙁
    But still a lot of artist deserve it but in the end the winner is always artist with the biggest fandom. And that is bts rn. They don’t have a huge fanbase for nothing. They deserve it the most. This is their year, their year to shine and well u can only hope that your fave will shine this bright next year if not don’t talk to much shit like u did just here. 😉

  8. My opinion says

    Personally I think a lot of these groups work hard but at the end of the day it is up to you and you need to show that there hard work isn’t going to waste take the BTS army for example we see them literally every where and do the most for BTS that’s how they are able to get the out come they have gotten. Also I know how hard working BTS is and I think they deserve every success they can get. I’m not saying that any other group doesn’t deserve it but you can’t expect them to back down for you just because we lose in votes. We need to grow stronger and try and get to the level of the army because, it feels like easy pickings for them right now with these award shows .

  9. Bts_sugabias says

    bts is working hard for us to and if you want why don’t we or whatever to get higher then make sure you get higher

  10. Suga says


  11. Gabby says

    Why y’all gotta blame BTS and us ARMYs for the recognition that Why Don’t We doesn’t get? I’ve never even heard of them sis. Smh

    1. Iconic_besson on ig says

      You never heard of them because you never thought about it I mean like no hate cuz I have friends that don’t like why don’t we and I don’t care I still show it and I get hate for liking a damn boyband

  12. ig says

    yeah, i totally agree. no hate to BTS, i really respect how hard they work and i’m not saying they don’t deserve their *massive* success, i’m just saying us limelights need to get word out for our boys.

  13. STREAM.DNA says

    honestly if your “band” isn’t doing well with the votes don’t bash on bts and their fandom. It’s obvious the why don’t we boys don’t have their votings as much as bts cause they aren’t as recognized as bts is . There will be a time where they will shine . But don’t say crap that “bts this— bts that” . Mind your own business and focus on your group . smh . also

    STREAM DNA ;))

    1. Beautiful_besson says

      The limelight’s are only talking about how they are PROUD of bts all they are saying is that wdw deserves more recognition

  14. Noveaskar says

    Guys listen. Don’t go attack BTS. If your favourite artists had as good and as caring as a fandom as BTS does, they would be winning the poll. BTS deserve their awards. They work 12 hours a day, dancing, singing, rapping. Other artists just sing on stage (most lip sync anyways). BTS do extreme dances while singing (and it is not auto tuned or lip synced because you can hear it when they fall over that there is no auto tune or lip syncing) and BTS make music about loving yourself and appreciating who you are and not about drugs and sex like pretty much all other artists do. If you really cared about your favourite artist, then vote for them. BTS fan’s actually care about BTS so we work together to vote for them, stream their music videos, make hashtags trend and support them.

  15. Gay CrackHead says

    Fuck that, BTS have been working their asses off for FIVE YEARS STRAIGHT and they deserve the world, why don’t we only got famous because of Logan Paul

  16. Don't Start Shit says

    Then get word out for your boys (WDW) without mentioning my boys (BTS). Your first comment was not necessarily. All hardworking artists deserve recognition, and it’s up to their fans to give it to them. Use your time more wisely, instead of commenting about how everything is about BTS, you should go vote for your faves. If you think someone deserves something, then do something about it. Everyone always attacks Army (BTS fanbase) for dominating fan votes, what do you expect us to do? We think our boys deserve recognition so we give it to them. We don’t complain about other groups.

    1. Trinity says

      PREACH! ARMYS and BTS have gotten where we are today because of the support and love we give each other. An our boys dont sit here and sing and rap about Sex, drugs and partying, They write songs about their struggles to the top, finding themselves, their worries, and how to love ourselves. No hate on other groups cause there all great, but people please stop comming after ARMY because we are literally the BIGGEST fandom and we support and help out boys get to the top. We stay in our lane, you all stay in yours and just vote for your favs. Much love, 사랑해 ARMY!~

  17. Paige says

    Why can’t people just vote for their faves without bashing or even talking about BTS? I don’t get it, they shouldn’t have to step down because your fave (according to you)isn’t getting enough recognition. You should STEP UP AS A FANDOM AND VOTE. Seriously, stop making your problem seem like it’s our fault.

  18. amara says

    This fanwar’s probably getting on everyone’s nerves by now so let me just say stream p!atd’s ‘High Hopes’ because they clearly aren’t winning for best group lmao but anyway let’s all treat people with kindness, yeah?

    1. Rose says

      Yes! This is the kind of positivity we need Just vote for your fav and go, no need to hate on other fandoms

  19. Rose says

    Y’all look mad dumb hating on BTS. People act like they haven’t worked extremely hard to get where they are now. They 100% deserve the fame and attention they are getting.
    Do y’all really not expect one of the biggest fan bases to not vote for their fav? Let me remind you that this is a fan choice vote so stop whining about how BTS is getting too much attention and go vote for your favs

    Also, I’m lowkey sad that Travis Scott and Drake aren’t in this. I just wish there were more rappers.

    To all ARMYs! Continue voting for BTS, just ignore negative comments and stream DNA! I love you all

  20. Ang says

    Directioners are the best and will always be the best ;))) even their solo careers like Harry’s and Niall’s are doing better than bts in reality. no shade tho always tpwk

    1. just gonna leave this here says

      Nah sis directioners aren’t better than Armys. When they were still together they were way more successful than now, when they have solo careers. 🙂

      1. emma says

        oof think again… directioners were and are bigger than armys, don’t try to argue with it,
        it’s true

        1. kate_grace says


      2. Dana says

        If the ARMY is better than the Directioners, the ARMY would be ahead of us but they’re not so us Directioners are clearly a better fandom. No hate to BTS or their fans, I’m just stating facts

    2. Gabby Compton says

      Directioner 4 ever

  21. I didn’t get chips, bUt I gOt ChEez WhIz says

    While everyone in the comment section is arguing about Why Don’t We and BTS, I’m just gonna be a Sinner over here saying hi…stream P!ATD btw heh…spreading looove

  22. marian says

    Why you don’t consider us the Beliebers as fandom anymore, its unfair

  23. Brianna says

    Sorry but to all the people hating on bts and army’s for why don’t we not wining or getting the recognition the deserve I’ve been here for why don’t we since the beginning I’ve even met them three times but no offense but bts deserves it more they have been here for two years while bts has been here for six or even more if you count all the training they had to do before the debuted they have been here for so long and there’re just now getting the recognition they deserve so to all y’all hating and saying bts Doesn’t deserve it why don’t yall mind your own band okay and get other limelight’s to vote for why don’t we and instead of whining about how there’re not winning . Instead of being a little cry baby actually go to something about it army’s get so much hate and idk why

  24. emma says

    y’all are arguing over bts and why don’t we… but before those two, we had one direction . the boys are still massively successful and in the lead right now :). directioner foreverrrrrr

  25. Min Suga says

    While you all are arguing, I’m just sitting here, enjoying the drama and eating popcorn because I know that Armys (I’m an Army for almost 6 years now) will nevet stop voting for BTS sooo….
    I’m pretty much laughing my ass off right now xd

    Also, stream DNA guys

  26. Markus says

    I looks like ariana grande’s current “success” is not fixed in this award set. Her current #1 was due to Strings Being Pulled For Her by radio, spotify, itunes, youtube/vevo and billboard, in addition to Payola. This was done so that her grammy nominations, and win (she will at least win one [I know because it’s ALL been Fixed]), seem more legit and deserving. Her current “success”, All Of It, Was Fixed. I have done polls at my college campus and the local mall and, the great majority don’t even know her song or songs. This university and mall reflects the nations pop culture, and this means it’s not possible at all. Her song’s success in reality would not have entered BB Hot 100 top 5, would have in any way shape and form youtubes record, etc., etc. It was all fixed.

  27. rose says

    you have to let go and realize that one direction is dead. even if the truth hurts you or the truth makes a hole in your heart you still have to let go and realize that they are gone. ‘Y’all players, haters you should love yourself.’ – RM

  28. Sandy says

    They definitely deserve all of the success they’ve gotten. Sorry, but have you every seen a boy group/band devote three albums to Self Love? I haven’t seen any. Plus, their lyrics so the deepest and most relatable that I’ve seen. There’s a reason why they have so much fans. They have been working their butts off for SIX straight years. Singing, Rapping, and Dancing. I don’t know about WDW, but really?” so many other artists deserve recognition.” You don’t know BTS so don’t say that.

  29. lisa but not simpson says

    We can make Louis Tomlinson win his 3 nominations. LET’S GO LOUIES

  30. Dana says

    Any Directioners out there??? No hate to Bts or why don’t we or any other fandom but even though 1D aren’t together at the moment and the Directioners are winning at the moment, it just goes to show that we are the best fandom because we will always be there for our boys no matter what. No hate to any other fandom.

    1. Luz says

      yeeessss exactly!! I still dont get why people are saying like “oned shouldnt be on the nomination, they are dead” like ???? its a fandom nomination and we have support them all the way, together and as solo. I dont get it, are they afraid we may win and they dont want it to? or what? someone please explain lol

  31. Directioner says

    Sorry, no hate or nothing but it the ARMY is way better than the Directioners why aren’t they winning. The reason Directioners are winning is because we have the best fandom out there and there is nothing nobody can do or say about that, One Direction will always be successful together or apart. I’m not hating on BTS or their fans I’m just saying Directioners will always be a better fandom because we live and suppor our boys and we don’t attack other fandoms, it may seem like I’m attacking you right now and I’m utterly sorry if you feel like I am but all I’m trying to do is get my point out there, so yeah. Sorry if I was being rude ❤️

  32. Jules says

    Why BTS deserves to win: they released over 71 songs which the majority were self produced in this year which is two albums, their Japanese album and Japanese versions of their songs and remixes, and their songs on SoundCloud, also two members released their own mixtape which were also self produced, raised a crazy amount of money for unicef and they broke records with their music, teamed up with LINE and released self designed characters and had pop up stores in a LA and New York, first kpop group to perform at bbmas, went on many popular American tv shows, did countless interviews, flew all over the world and had their world tour, had their first stadium concert in the us at Citifield, released episodes of their “tv show” Run bts , had a whole new season of their vacation package of bon voyage, released a movie that beat one directions record, and won over 28 awards, and spoke at the UN for their partnership with unicef( first kpop group to do so) shot music videos, learned difficult choreography for their songs and performed them countless times, and they are already working on their new album, and that’s just from the top of my head.

  33. Dharani says

    I just want to say that I stan both bts and why dont we.Im clearly not here to say which band is better or deserves the recognition but both of them are at this successful stage because of their hard work and their fandoms support.I personally think that all the fandoms should support their artists through their own ways and not compare which one is better and create such negative atmosphere.All the artists deserve recognition and respect as it is really not easy to survive in the music industry so let’s not spread hate❤

  34. esbeydi says

    Success, you’ve been signed up.

  35. Srushti says

    One direction✌️

  36. tomz says

    i don’t understand why ‘directioners’ sre nominated for awards. the group aren’t even together anymore – it’s unfair to others. i don’t see one direction nominated for ‘best album’ etc, so why are they nominated for best fandom.

  37. ShawnsLimelight says

    Please remove One Direction I mean they broke up a while ago… and other bands worked their butts off this year to release albums and new songs. Other artists and bands deserve the recognition for their hard work this year. So please remove One Direction, thanks.

    1. Luz says

      omg are you serious? it’s about the fandom, not the band. it’s not about the albums or songs they’ve release, is about the support and commitment of the fandom, like can you please stop, it’s getting ridiculous. I mean, if they were nominated on “best group” it will be different but they are not. your favorite band won’t get less recognition if Directioners win the best fandom nomination, and if you think so, go on, work and vote for them, as simple as that

  38. Lizmarie says

    Limelights show why don’t we some love ya’ll

  39. Em says

    It doesn’t matter is One Direction are together or not. They still and will always get the support they deserve from their fans. Along with all of the other bands and fandoms. People are saying “no offense bout our fandom is better.” And then say that they are not bashing on the other fandoms. Clearly offense taken. All of these artists have worked hard for where they are today. It shouldn’t matter how long but just that they are all doing their best and doing great. These votes don’t show nearly how much support each individual artist or group get from their fan bases. So please stop bashing each other and others “opinions” even if those statements or opinions are horrid in your mind. TPWK<3

  40. Gwenaelle PROSPER says

    Proud of Directioners we still here for boys keep waiting for One Direction back. BIG LOVE

  41. Kara says

    I think its funny how the bts fans are saying not to bash on why don’t we while they’re bashing on one direction just as hard. Proper hypocrites. Much love to the one direction fandom for commenting on what they like rather than what they dont.

  42. Kara says

    Bts would win if it weren’t for one direction having a better fandom and being successful. Smh

  43. Noor says

    Lmao lovely to see the BTS army hating on directioners and saying that the group should be removed from the vote. Them breaking up doesn’t mean that they’re lost their fans or their recognition amongst other bands. They’re also still technically on hiatus remember 🙂

  44. JAQ says

    Congrats to the winning group, BTS and to the winning fandom, Directioners. 😀
    I’m an ARMY and to my family fandom, BTS ARMY … we did a great job voting for our boys. They deserve this 🙂

  45. Yoonmin says

    Stop complaining and VOTE gosh y’all wasting time by complaining about bts yeah they are great and they are everything and it’s bc they been working REALLY HARD to be on the places the deserve

  46. Zara says

    So much for being the so called biggest boy band BTS you’re just winning one award whereas one direction as Zayn would say is smashing it. Guess you’ll just have to live with the fact that one direction will always be the biggest boy band in the world…DIRECTIONER FOREVER♥️

  47. adore_herron17 says

    where are the limelight? The boys have done so much as deserve this <3

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