Tulisa’s sweetest tracks ranked in order of greatness


Tulisa has officially made a return to music and today has released her brand new single ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ featuring Akelle.

Speaking about the brand new single, Tulisa revealed “I’ve taken the chorus of an old school classic and written around it. It’s one of the most loved tracks of the 90s, and one of my favourite songs as a child”

She then revealed, “It was amazing to remake and rewrite a song like ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’, it feels like a good way to come back.”

This brand new track, her first in over a year, has given us a bit of time to reflect and look at the best tracks of her career and round them all up…

5. Living Without You

Tulisa’s previous single was released back in January 2015 (after several weeks of being pushed back) and was a hit with her fans. The music video was directed by Life Garland and featured a number of topless males…

4. Sight Of You

The third single lifted from her debut album ‘The Female Boss’, this time showing a softer side to Tulisa, as it was the first time she had released a ballad. When she described the song she claimed she wanted a single out for Christmas which was “timeless”.

3. Live It Up

Featuring Tyga, this track was released as a follow-up to her debut single ‘Young’. Unfortunately, the track didn’t do as well as it had been predicted, but on the plus side, the track is a huge club banger.

2. Strong Again

Okay, so not technically Tulisa on her own but one little N-Dubz track being slipped into the list had to be done. This track was released back in 2009 and was one of their highest charting in radio airplay.

1. Young

No other track could be Number One other than Tulisa’s first solo efforts as she stepped out and released the massive dance banger that was ‘Young’. The track flew to number one and shifted over 120,000 copies in the first week making it a huge hit that year.

Tulisa’s brand new track ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ feat. Akelle is out now and is available to download or stream.

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