NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: In A DREAM is jam-packed with high-energy performances and heartwarming moments


2022 has been a grand year for NCT DREAM. As if NCT DREAM were playing a video game, they successfully completed ‘Level 2021’ with the release of their first album Hot Sauce – and its repacked version, Hello Future – and took things to another new level – ‘Level 2022’ – with the release of their second album, Glitch Mode, and its repacked version Beatbox.

Throughout the year, NCT DREAM proved their increasing popularity and power in the music landscape. The title of K-Pop Most Valuable Players is a given. The list of achievements the group amassed in the years, and 2022 alone, grows by the day – the most recent is winning ‘Worldwide Fans Choice Top 10 (Bonsang)’ at the 2022 MAMA Awards, and with it, we’ve witnessed NCT DREAM incredible growth as a group, as seven talented artists, and as human beings.

This growth is one of the key elements we can see, hear and feel while watching NCT DREAM’s first movie, ‘NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM’. Alongside showing Dreamzens and Czennies their polyhedric sides in each performance, NCT DREAM were firm in wanting to show the growth they have experienced since their debut in 2016.

NCT DREAM’s growth also fuels their hopes and dreams – one of these dreams is being on stage and being on stage is what makes their dreams come true, as Jeno says at the beginning of ‘NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM’.

‘NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM’ follows NCT DREAM two days concerts at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on September 8 and 9. The movie will be released in theaters worldwide on November 30 and December 3 – the movie will have a consecutive multiple-day run in South Korea beginning on November 30, and theatrical release in Japan is scheduled for December 6.

We had a sneak peek of NCT DREAM’s first movie ahead of its release and picked 10 key moments you should watch out for.

NCT DREAM heartwarming moments

In this movie, NCT DREAM wanted to show fans what they cannot see – behind the scenes, rehearsals, but most of all, the part of them that is honest and human. In various and many moments, NCT DREAM deliver their thoughts and feelings in emotional and heartwarming ways.


A slick performance that opens with a VCR and then we see NCT DREAM performing on an elevated circular stage. Haechan and Chenle bridges, enough said.

First ever 7DREAMS concert

“THE DREAM SHOW 2: In A Dream” is a monumental concert as it marked the group’s first solo concert in Korea in over two years and a half due to the pandemic, but more importantly, it marked the group’s first solo concert as 7DREAM. NCT DREAM held their first solo concert series, “THE DREAM SHOW,” in South Korea and Japan in November 2019, January and February 2020, as a six-piece after Mark graduated from the group.

‘ANL’ acoustic version

If the original version of ‘ANL’ is a fresh and tropical treat for the ears, its acoustic version will make you float over soft clouds thanks to NCT DREAM vocals and the harmonisation. What a treat!

‘My First And Last’

This performance evokes the ‘growth’ element NCT DREAM wanted to show. Starting with the present Jisung meeting himself from ‘the past’, specifically himself from The First era, the other members are stunned – and scared – when they see their The First era past selves. Past and present NCT DREAM are on stage dancing together over ‘My First And Last’, with present NCT DREAM performing this fans’ favourite song with new energy.

‘Love Again’

One of NCT DREAM’s hidden gems.

‘Quiet Down’

NCT DREAM took a break from their usual bright and playful side to show a deeper and sexier side with this performance. We don’t want to spoil this stage too much – in case you haven’t seen any fancams – so we just say to pay attention to the choreography and Mark’s additional rap.


Everywhere we go we bring the beatbox so we can’t leave out this fun and upbeat track, with a perfect chorus, production, and arrangement that focuses on highlighting the group’s vocals. Live is even better!

“Let’s walk together slowly and for a long time, NCT DREAM”

It’s heartwarming and emotional to see how much strength Dreamzens/Czennies and NCT DREAM get from having each other.

‘Hot Sauce’

This stage is full of ‘’ (taste in Korean) and ‘’ (stylishness in Korean). Over one year after its release, ‘Hot Sauce’’s energy hasn’t faded – and it never fails to get stuck in my head for days.

Bonus: ‘Dream DREAM’ Credits

For the Credits, you must go to the cinema on November 30 and December 3 and watch NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM until the very end. Tickets are available here.

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