The Vamps tease fans with possibility of new music video

The Vamps are known for teasing their fans with new releases, and this week they have been hinting a brand new music video.


British band The Vamps have been tormenting their fans this week by hinting at the possibility of a new music video for their song ‘Would You’.

‘Would You’ was a fan-favourite from the band’s No. 1 album Cherry Blossom that was released late last year. Teasers that look like they could be for a music video have been posted to the bands Instagram account.

James McVey, the band’s lead guitarist, has fuelled the rumours of a new music video even further by commenting on the Instagram post saying, “It’s time.” This comment alone sent fans into a frenzy, wondering when they will be able to see the video.

The two teasers obviously feature the song and all four of the band members. In the most recent teaser, lead singer, Bradley Will Simpson, can be seen driving a car which is a typical scene for a music video.

Only time will tell what the music video will be like, keep an eye on The Vamps’ socials for updates! Hopefully, it’ll be out much sooner than we think!

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