A year later, Taylor Swift’s folklore is still the one

Celebrating one year of having this album on repeat.


Believe it or not, it’s been a year since Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album folklore. Comprised of sounds like indie-folk and alternative rock, Taylor explored new genres on this album and did so while being the natural storyteller that she is.

Diving into themes like escapism, romanticism, nostalgia, and more, it’s no wonder why that after a year, folklore is still a fan favorite. In celebrating the one-year anniversary, I’ve put together a list of my top five favorite songs from folklore.

5. cardigan

The first time I heard “cardigan” I immediately fell in love. There’s a mysterious feeling that I always get when listening to this song and it had me hooked with the first few notes. Taylor’s vocals are not only amazing on this song but her lyrics prove time and time again how great her writing is.

4. this is me trying

I think we can all agree that when we first heard this song, the tears that streamed down our faces were endless. Not only are the lyrics on “this is me trying” powerful, but they’re ones that can have anyone relating to and that’s what makes this song stand out. It’s a song that has one bearing their soul out and it’s full-heartedly honest.

3. illicit affairs

When I think about this song, I think again of the amazing songwriter and storyteller that Taylor is. With “illicit affairs,” it’s not only an emotional song as well, but it truly shows her ability to seamlessly create a narrative and vivid images.

2. seven

I love how “seven” touches on that nostalgia that Taylor explores on this album. This nostalgia is not only from your childhood but also just memories that you begin to recall throughout your life. There’s a fragility and sweetness and those two things is what makes this song so enjoyable.

1. august

Now, I may be a bit biased with this one because my birthday is in August, but aside from that, when hearing “august” for the first time, it captured that summer feeling that August does bring — sun-kissed skin and reminiscing the good times. Its upbeat tempo is a contrast to the other songs on this album and coming in halfway through, it’s a nice break.

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