Here’s what fans think Taylor Swift’s new single might bring

There's never a shortage of theories when it comes to the pop star's loyal fanbase.


Taylor Swift never quite strayed from the pop music throne. Despite her last album ‘Reputation’ being released late 2017 and the end of her sold-out stadium tour, the artist’s hits have permanently cemented themselves on the charts. But now she’s gradually been revealing the possibility of a new single, naturally leaving Swifties on the edge of their seats.

From the pop star’s official website featuring a countdown to cryptic Instagram posts captioned with “4.26,” one thing’s for sure—whatever’s coming, it’s set for April 26.

Fans started to link some of Swift’s hints dating back to Oct. 2018 with an Instagram post made by the singer featuring her and her mother playing a game of Scrabble, captioned “Let the games BEGIN.” Many believe it was much more than a simple board game and meant to show off the possible future release date.

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Let the games BEGIN.

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Swift coyly revealed another hint at a future release with her recent Elle magazine cover and touching “30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30” letter. Sneakily adding at no. 26 on her list, she says, “I make countdowns for things I’m excited about. When I’ve gone through dark, low times, I’ve always found a tiny bit of relief and hope in getting a countdown app (they’re free) and adding things I’m looking forward to. Even if they’re not big holidays or anything, it’s good to look toward the future.”

There’s also speculation that this next era has something to do with her hit ‘The Story of Us.’ Fans noticed the track didn’t have a “4.26” background on Spotify like the rest of the singer’s discography. Not to mention, the length of the ‘Speak Now’ hit just so happens to be four minutes and 26 seconds. It might be a hint as to what her new music could sound like—a step back in time perhaps?

More recently, the pop star has been posting bright pictures, revealing a differing image than her dark-pop ‘Reputation’ phase. From diamond-encrusted hearts to springtime colored nails, Swift is entering a whole new persona. One of her newer posts features a pastel blue bike, looking vaguely similar to one she was seen riding during her infamous ‘Red’ era. While it might not be the same, it has fans hoping for a possible reminiscent sound.

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There seems to be an overwhelmingly joyous mood emanating from Swift’s recent social media posts, especially pertaining to her future music. Fans have also made the assumption it’ll take on a more LA-centered vibe. While her previous releases, most notably ‘1989,’ favored NYC’s big city freedom, this new era seems to thrive on palm trees and open LA skies—if her past Instagram posts are anything to go by.

It’s a very stark contrast from her ‘Reputation’ era which brimmed with revenge and refusal to back down, especially after her notorious feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  She took her time, stepping out of the spotlight for a bit, to recover and deliver something emotionally raw. Now with a new era, she’s right on the cusp of what could possibly be her best yet—but who are we kidding? She’s always at the top of her game, no matter what.

Whatever’s up the mega pop star’s sleeve, we’re bound to fall in love with it.

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