Taylor Swift dazzles in Bejeweled music video

Filled with gems and special guests, 'Bejeweled' is full of easter eggs and more.


Ever since Taylor Swift announced with a teaser trailer that Midnights would be a visual album, fans were beyond excited to see what the singer had in store.

From the many guest appearances, it looked like every music video would entail something clever and fun. And of course, as fans saw in the music video for Taylor’s song “Anti-Hero,” she was dropping easter eggs left and right and had no plans to stop there.

The second video, “Bejeweled,” takes on a comedic telling of the story of Cinderella, with Taylor as the “House Wench,” Laura Dern as the wicked stepmother, and Haim (Alana, Danielle, and Este) as the evil stepsisters. After they leave to attend the ball, Taylor opens a fob watch and suddenly transforms, wearing a cloak and ball gown.

Inside a skyscraper, the singer takes an elevator to the third floor, where the ball is being held. She then walks through a room filled with falling gemstones and takes off her cloak, revealing a burlesque outfit. As the gems fall, they cover her outfit and boots.

With a whole new look, Taylor then exits the elevator, meets her fairy goddess, played by Dita Von Teese, and the two then put on a performance. Taylor takes the elevator again, this time to the 13th floor, and takes the stage, putting on a performance for “Queen Pat,” played by Pat McGrath.

Winning the queen over, Taylor is then forced to entertain the Prince, played by Jack Antonoff, but she turns his proposal down with him accepting her rejection, and the video ends with Taylor enjoying the view from the castle she now owns.

Aside from the stellar special guests featured in this video, “Bejeweled” is scattered with easter eggs. Eagle-eyed Swifties were sure to catch the attention to detail that Taylor crafted in her second music video for Midnights. The number of times she calls back to her prior works, but mainly her third studio album, Speak Now, is endless. So much so that it had fans further speculating that it would be the next re-recorded album she would release.

But thought it might be some time until she drops her next re-recorded work, we’ll just be here, watching every single new music video off of Midnights.

Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights, is out now.

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